9 Best Full Body Exercise Equipment for Home Workout.

Best overall exercise equipment for home


Not everyone has got the luxury to spend 90 minutes daily at the gym. 

Most of the people struggle to stay regular at the gym because of the hectic work schedule, late-night work, and family (especially those who have kids at home). 

Staying fit is not about being regular at the gym, it’s about being regular with your workout and staying conscious about the food you eat. Best exercise equipments to target your full body are:

  • A skipping rope
  • Battle rope
  • Fitness Sledgehammer 
  • Stealth Core Trainer
  • A Pullup Bar
  • Kettlebell
  • SandBag
  • TRX suspention trainer
  • Bowflex adjustable dumbells
  • Resistance bans
  • Pushup/ dip bar

We are not talking about the food today, in this article, we will be discussing the best full-body exercise equipment at home that will allow you to train different body parts without spending time at the gym. 

Top Fullbody Training Equipment at Home.

You don’t really require to invest in multiple fancy pieces of equipment, we have shortlisted the best overall exercise equipments that are capable of delivering full-body results. 

Skipping rope

One of the cheapest and widely used exercise equipment you can possibly find on earth. 

Skipping rope has been used by professional athletes (Boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Mixed martial arts, etc) since ages, reason? It has been found to be enormously effective in improving the overall conditioning of body and agility. 

A 200-pound person burns about 910 calories every hour, that means a 30-minute session can help you burn about 455 calories. 

So if you are out of budget and looking for a quick fat loss solution then buying a skipping rope can be a great investment. 

Guys if you are looking to lose weight fast while building muscle mass then you should try weighted skipping rope, these rope helps in achieving better body conditioning.

Beginners note: Instead of focusing on the non-stop skipping session, split your workout into 20 sets, each set will contain 100 skippings. 


Battle Rope

Interested in an outdoor workout? Then a battle rope can be a great addition to your fitness routine. 

There are more than 50 variations you can practice with the help of these simple ropes.

Battle ropes help in the development of muscle endurance and density, it also assists in improving the body’s overall metabolic rate for a longer time. 

Pro tip: a battle rope workout comes under HIIT workout and a session can be quite intense and you won’t be able to practice is for a longer session. To boost the fat loss, opt for 30-minutes running or skipping a session before you start with Battle Rope. 

MostFit: Fitness Sledgehammer  

Sledgehammer and Tyre workout have always compelled me, it helped me gain strength, boost testosterone levels, reduce work stress and mobility. 

But it’s not possible for everyone to have a Sledgehammer and Tyre at home, they require a lot of space. 

MostFit Core Hammer has proven to be a great replacement of bulky Sledgehammer and Tyre. 

MostFit Core Hammer contains a rubber head that can be smashed on solid ground which makes it a great replacement for bulky tires. It’s portable and extremely versatile. Swing it like a sledgehammer against the ground, wall, driveway, cement floor or, use it like a mace to develop shoulder strength, mobility, and stability. 

Its an all in one workout equipment that will help you strengthen your whole body while burning calories. 

Stealth Core Trainer

For me, its a game changer! It’s a fun way to develop those core muscle and let your abs sneak out. 

Most of my clients are really never liked planks. For some, planking is boring and for others its a torture. 

Stealth core trainer is a fitness product that will push you to a new level of core training. With the Dynamic 360° Motion delivers dynamic planking and requires a lot of body stabilization which helps in better activation of different core muscles. 

No more boring planks because of its Gameplay Technology which makes it a best available ab training equipment. You focus on playing the game and scoring points, while your core and ab muscles become the “joystick” to control the movements of the game. The result is a challenging, dynamic plank workout that is fun and highly effective. You focus on scoring points and climbing the worldwide leaderboard.

This is a must buy product for anyone looking for the stronger and ripped core area. 

A Pullup bar

Some fitness exercises will never get outdated. 

Nothing can build a stronger back better than a pull-up bar. 

It’s unnecessary to explain the benefits of installing a pull-up bar at home. 

Its an incredible addition for your upper body strength. 


Cardio seems boring to you? Not interested in lifting heavy weights either? Kettlebell is a one-step solution. 

If you are more inclined towards the compound movements, Kettlebell is the best investment for you

It’s a single equipment that will melt down your fat while the development of lean muscles.  

What makes kettlebell so special? 

It’s shape! Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells weight is not distributed evenly which creates the need to counterbalance and stabilize your body during kettlebell exercises, which are amazing for core strength, balance, and coordination.

There are hundreds of kettlebell workout variations that will help you develop incredible core strength and joints mobility. 



Sandbags come in different sizes and weights. 

Sandbags work incredibly well in developing functional strength and body conditioning. 

While some variations will help improving body conditioning, others will help in strength development. 

Pro: Works incredibly with the combination of the kettlebell. 

Some of my favorite sandbag exercises are: 

  • Burpee + Snatch
  • Deadlift + Squat
  • Side Lunge + Front Raise
  • Forward Lunge + Wood Chop
  • Squat + Shoulder Press
  • Lateral Pull + Spider

TRX Suspension training: 

So not let’s discuss an incredible workout incredible that is suitable for people with any fitness level. No matter if your age is 16 or 61, TRX suspension training is always suitable for you. 

TRX training was Invented by a Navy Seal to keep his fellow recruits physically fit at the most remote parts of the world. TRX training involves two adjustable hanging bands to engage multiple muscle groups with the help of your own body weight.

TRX training helps in improving the balance and coordination, strength and have a lower risk of injury. 


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells 

For many, workout is never complete without weight training. 

No need to buy a wide range of dumbbells for your home gym when a single set of adjustable weight can do the work. 

Investing in a set of adjustable dumbbells is one of the best investment for the home gym. 

Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds; adjusts in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds. 

Indoor Cycling Bike

We have talked enough about the best overall exercise equipment for a home workout but we are still left with the most effective way to do cardio at home. 

Many of us have a busy routine and hardly get time to invest in cardio. Having an indoor cycling bike makes the process of fat burning easy. 

You can dedicate any time slot, it can be an early morning 60-minute of cycling while checking your office mail or planning daily tasks, or you can cycle in the evening while spending time with family or watching your favorite TV show.  

A person weighing 180 pounds can burn more than 500 calories in a 60-minutes session of indoor cycling.

Pushup Bar

Body weight workout can never be complete without push-up. 

Enhance your push-up workout with the Perfect Pushup Elite. Designed to rotate during push-ups, the Pushup Elite increases muscle activation as your body dips lower.

The rotating design also allows you to reduce pressure on the wrist and help you stabilize your scapula. 

Resistance bands

No matter whether you like to workout at home or gym, resistance bands are must-have for every fitness enthusiast. 

Before you do your home workout compound movements (pull-up, muscle-up, pushup, squats, etc), it’s suggested to activate the muscles through resistance bands. 

A simple resistance band can help you get a better pump and muscle activation. 


Ending note: 

Let us know if you find our article on “best overall exercise equipment for home workout” helpful. Feel free to suggest your favorite home workout equipment that helped you stay in better shape.

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

This site contains affiliate links as well as general health and fitness information. Please read my Medical Disclaimer and Writing Disclaimer for more information.    

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