'); 10 Best exercise equipment for weight loss at home.

10 Best exercise equipment for weight loss at home.

best home exercise equipment for weight loss


I have been a fitness professional for a decade now and have heard hundreds of bizarre excuses for not being able to stay regular at the gym.

Some people are just too busy to be regular at the gym and sometimes it’s weather (Hot, Cold or Rainy) that makes it impossible for you to stay regular at the gym. I personally hate to go to the gym at peak hours, crowded gyms can be really annoying for many people.  

Having a set of exercise equipment at home can be a practical approach to personal fitness, it gives you the flexibility to work out any time and you will not be required to step out in harsh weather conditions as well.

There are few home workout equipment that can prove to be really handy and this equipment can be used in different ways for the overall development of the body.

Let’s skip all the talking and jump directly to our list of top 10 best home workout equipment.


Best Home Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

Best home exercise equipment for weight loss includes:

  1. Buying a Treadmill
  2. Adjustable Kettlebell
  3. Set of dumbbell
  4. TRX Suspension trainer
  5. Resistance bands
  6. Medicine ball
  7. Sandbag
  8. Sliders for core strength
  9. Jump box

Home Treadmill

Walking at a decent speed can help you burn over 400 calories per hour, this has made the treadmill a top choice of many people.

If you have no time for the workout then having a home treadmill can be the best thing you can do to stay in shape.

You can have a walk at your home treadmill while watching your favorite season or while talking to your loved one.

Some treadmills are designed to allow the users to work on laptops while walking, the best option for multitaskers.

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Adjustable Kettlebell

Kettlebells have been my personal favorite because of its versatility and take no space at all.

These are so effective because of the compound movements that stimulate the development of muscles and while burning hell amount of calories as well. Some of the benefits of kettlebells are:

  • It works on strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  • It provides total body conditioning.
  • They are easy to learn. You can learn different kettlebell exercises with the help of youtube.
  • Kettlebell workouts are quite safe in comparison to conventional gym workouts, which makes them a better choice for the newbies.
  • You don’t need to invest a thousand bucks.

I prefer adjustable kettlebells because they consume less space at home and allow me to workout at variable resistance.


Adjustable Dumbbells

Some guys can never get satisfied with any equipment other than dumbbells.

Instead of investing in multiple dumbles you can get your hands on adjustable dumbles that allow you to have variable weight from 5 pounds to 50 pounds.

Adjustable dumbbells take minimum space and allow you to work out at different intensity levels.


Target every body part with the help of TRX.

TRX stands for (Total-body Resistant eXercise)

The main purpose of the development of TRX was to provide people simple equipment that can target every part of the body.

Whether it’s your back, biceps, shoulders, hamstrings or glutes, you can target everybody parts with the simple movements.

Additionally, TRX is cost-efficient exercise equipment that can bring positive changes in your body.


Resistance bands

These are the most portable equipment to keep with yourself, but they give you the ability to train your different body parts without a huge investment.

Frankly speaking, guys can use them for general workout and muscle conditioning, but they can work wonders for women (since they don’t require much resistance)

There is a different type of resistance bands available in the market, you can choose to buy bands with handles, loop bands, pilate bands, etc.  


Medicine balls

Looking for the at-home high-intensity workout? A medicine ball can add value to your at-home gym arsenal.

There are tons of exercises you can do with the help of these medicine balls. You can do the medicine ball slams, overhead press lunges, Squat press with a throw, Russian twists, sit-ups, etc.



If you are looking for an intense workout session then a heavy sandbag can we a perfect answer. You can swing it like a kettlebell, lift it like a dumbbell and smash it like a medicine ball.

Whether you workout at home, park or beach, this equipment fits anywhere and requires small space.

These are perfect equipment to improve your full body strength. You can do push press, squats, lunges, clean and Snatch, etc.

If you are looking to improve the strength of the core, then walk for a mile while carrying that sandbag on shoulders.

Chin up bars

You cant skip a chin-up bar if you are looking for an effective home workout.

Chin up bars are the best way to develop bigger and stronger back, shoulders and arms.

Many guys are getting more inclined towards calisthenics, a decent chin-up bar can help in improving your game.


Looking to lose fat around those bellies? Take help of sliders.

Most of the people have probably never used them but they are best to enhance the intensity of the workout. Sliders have been used by many celebrity trainers as a stabilizer to improve core strength and endurance.

Jump Box

Sometimes getting in shape is not about weight loss, it’s about ‘fat loss’

A jump box is an incredible way to strengthen your legs, glutes and core muscle, a jumping box will torch up your calories for incredible fat loss.

When you jump, your body burns 800 to 1,000 calories an hour (compare that to 300 calories burned per hour while walking). So now you have got your jumping way to shed that excess fat around your belly.


Take away:

So you have checked the best home exercise equipment for weight loss but you don’t really need to buy all the equipment, you can choose your best equipment for your needs.

Some of the best combination of home exercise equipment:

Home weight loss

If your target is to lose weight as soon as possible then I will suggest the following:

  • Owning a treadmill is the best way to burn more calories. Treadmills are available in a wide variety, you can buy a treadmill as cheap as $300.
  • Combine it with skipping rope, sliders and chin-up bar.

Home weight loss and muscle building

You can lose weight while adding muscle mass, here is our top choice.

  • Buying a kettlebell will help you target full-body workouts. Kettlebell swings are best for mobility and conditioning.
  • Adding resistance bands and Jump box will escalate the fat burning while building muscles.  

Home muscle building and strength training

Fellas who want the improvement in strength, here are the top suggestions:

  • Set of adjustable dumbbells will allow you to perform a different variety of exercises.
  • But dumbbells won’t help you grow Lats, adding up Chin-up bar and TRX in your arsenal will help you target almost every body part.

No matter, whether you have a gym membership or not, every person should have a few home workout gears to keep the body in excellent shape.

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