13 Incredible Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

Benefits of TRX Suspension Training


TRX suspension training is swiftly shifting the approach to personal fitness. 

TRX stands for Total Resistance eXercise, it was first created in 1997 by a navy seal on war deployment. Former Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick created the first version of TRX using only a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing. The primary idea behind creating a TRX suspension band is to produce a travel-friendly workout tool that can be used for full-body strengthening. 

TRX has proven itself more than just a travel friendly workout tool, some of the benefits of TRX training are as follow:

  • It’s a great full-body strength builder for all ages
  • TRX improves your body’s natural functional capabilities
  • Improves your mobility and flexibility
  • Involves the development of core strength
  • Compound movements make it an effective calorie-burning tool
  • You get a detailed exercise guide
  • Its a safe workout tool for elderlies because of low impact nature.

TRX put you in a position to execute 7 fundamental functional movements that are needed to maintain strength and body conditioning. 7 fundamental movements are: Push, Pull, Squat, Plank, Hinge, Lunge, and Rotate.

Let’s have a brief discussion on the benefits. 

13 TRX Suspension Training Benefits

Millions of people have appreciated TRX suspension trainers because of its long list of benefits. Let’s explore them all- 

1. Strength building

Primarily, this tool was created by a former navy seal to stay fit and strong while being deployed in a war-torn area. 

A study(1) published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy conducted an experiment over muscle activation while practicing suspension training. The study concluded, Performing Suspension training exercises increased muscle activation of selected muscles when compared to exercises performed on a stable surface. 

Better muscle activation leads to higher force generation and improved strength. 

TRX suspension training works on muscle in a very distinct way, it works more on compound movements and coordination instead of working on muscle isolation.  

2. Core Strengthening

TRX suspension training works incredibly well on core strengthening

A strong core doesn’t just make you look good but it plays an important role in body stabilization, supporting the spine and maintaining the right posture. 

Core muscles play a huge role in daily activity and a stronger core leads to more effective posture in day to day activity and improvement in overall health. 

There are tons of core exercises available to do with TRX, Check out the video below to check the 14 best core exercises you can practice with TRX. 

3. Progressive overload

What is progressive overload? Progressive overload is the gradual increase of tension placed upon the body during a particular exercise.

Hypertrophy and continuous strength gain aren’t possible if you are not able to increase the resistance. For example: Suppose you start bench pressing with 200 pounds on a regular basis. In the beginning, you will see muscle development but soon after few weeks on training with the same weight your body hits a plateau because of a lack of progressive overload. 

TRX suspension training allows you with the ability to progressively overload, you can change your stance and posture to create higher resistance. 

The ability to change the resistance levels makes this training highly effective and safe for a person with any strength levels. 

If you have reached the highest resistance levels, you can progressively overload by wearing a weighted vest. 

4. Cost

TRX suspension training is one of the best options to create a low budget home gym

Suppose you are looking to create a home gym and your basic requirements will be a power cage, set of dumbbells, barbell, few weight plates. Additionally, you will also be required to invest in the floor mat, dumbbell racks, weight plate rack, etc. The whole gym setup will cost you at least $800 – $1000. 

On the other hand, you can get a whole set of TRX suspension training at around $150. 

With this small investment, you will be able to target every single muscle in your body without any hassle. 

5. Portability

 This is the reason I personally invested in TRX.

Being a blogger and fitness coach I travel frequently, and most of my travel trips were more than a week long. 

I was always looking for a solution to keep my body healthy and toned while being on vacation. 

Bodyweight workouts were not good enough, TRX gave me the ability to workout anywhere. Resistance bands were also an option but they were not good enough for strength development. 

You can carry it in your backpack and it requires a small space, now you can work out at home, hotel, outdoor, almost anywhere. 

6. Calorie burning

TRX not only helps in keeping the strength alive, but it also helps in burning hell amount of calories. 

Just 30 minutes of TRX drill can help you burn up to 500-700 calories (depending on the workout intensity). 

Apart from a clean diet what is the first approach of any fitness trainer to shred down to extra fat his/her client? Its to involve them in compound movements, compound movements are proven (3) to be very effective in increasing metabolism and calorie consumption. 

The majority of the TRX suspension training movements are based on compound movements that engage your core, back, and lower body. Suspension training helps in targeting a bigger part of the body which results in a higher amount of calorie burning. 

7. Minimalistic approach

Minimalistic lifestyle is trending all over the world and it has been inspiring people from all over the globe. 

Minimalistic lifestyle is all about living with less, you get rid of all the unnecessary burdens, stuff and clutter that are holding you back. 

TRX trainer was developed on the concept of a minimalistic approach to personal fitness. This tool is all you need to keep your body strong and flexible. 

8. Professional guide

While most of the fitness innovation are not backed by professional knowledge but creators of this suspension training pattern has played more emphasis on the common training approach. 

In 2010 they started the flagship TRX Training Center in San Francisco, kickstarting programming and education developments.

In 2013, TRX introduced trainer basic, the first-ever online Suspension Training course.

In 2015 TRX introduced a comprehensive educational curriculum to create the TRX Academy, effectively establishing the industry gold standard for Functional Training Education of fitness professionals.

Because of the availability of professional guided backed by scientific approaches, TRX trainers were able to follow a common fitness program all over the world. 

9. Safety

TRX has been chosen by hundreds of thousands of people because of its safe workout environment. 

Unlike other exercise equipment, suspension training provides the required resistance without putting excessive stress on any particular muscle or joint. 

TRX is one of the safest workout platforms that can be followed by any age group and its workouts are safe on joints. 

10. Mobility and flexibility

Muscle mobility is a critical element of improving overall physical performance. 

Most people tend to ignore the importance of joint and muscle mobility which puts the body under risk of critical injury. 

TRX training is not only developed for strength development, but it also pays great attention to improved mobility and flexibility. 

Move freely with the help of the best mobility workout with TRX, check the video below. 

11. Universal Application

There are hundreds of fitness equipment available in the market still there is an unavailability of universal tool that is sustainable and suitable for every age group or fitness levels. 

TRX is a perfect fitness tool that is suitable for pro athletes and elderly people as well.

No matter what your fitness level is, you can always change the resistance levels according to your muscle and joint capability. Its unique design also protects the body from injuries by evenly weight distribution. 

12. Engages the whole body

It’s a benefit for a few people and a drawback for others. 

If you are a performance athlete who is looking to improve the body balance, strength and control then TRX can be the best tool for your needs. TRS’s ability to engage the whole body has attracted many gymnasts and pro athletes. 

On the other hand, lack of muscle isolation movements has disappointed bodybuilders who were looking for better muscle activation and hypertrophy. 

13. Low impact nature. 

TRX suspension training is a low impact training style that not just protects your joints from excess stress but also helps in preventing workout injuries and allows you to train as hard as you wish. Low-impact nature makes is a perfect fitness solution for people with a pre-existing injury.

Let’s talk about some limitations as well

I will be cheating my readers if we don’t talk about limitations, let’s talk about some limitations of TRX training. 

  • Although TRX is a wonderful option to develop strength but it’s limited to certain levels. TRX might not work for the bodybuilders we expect a high amount of progressive overload. 
  • Low intensity lower body workout, because of the limited resistance. In other words, you can’t do heavy squatting. 
  • V shape of the TRX might make it difficult to practice the Pressing movements for chest and tricep workout. 
  • Lack of isolation movements that might restrict better muscle definition. 


TRX is a worthy investment that can help you maintain optimum strength and body composition. It’s also a portable fitness solution which will allow you the freedom to train anywhere and anytime. 

Overall, investing in a TRX can help in promoting family health, it will promote kids and the elderly to stay fit and active.

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