3 Benefits Of Cryotherapy For Fitness

The decision to stay fit and healthy is always a good one. Besides, you shouldn’t take your health for granted, especially if you enjoy life and plan to live for a long while. However, the problem with staying fit and healthy is the challenges you’ll inevitably encounter like muscle pains.

Fortunately, the advancement of technology has given you a way to counter these challenges, one of which is cryotherapy.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, which is offered at any recovery treatment centers like LIVKRAFT, is a healing technique wherein the body, either localized or whole-body, is exposed to cold temperatures for a couple of minutes. 

Localized cryotherapy can be done in a couple of ways, like ice massage, ice packs, ice baths, and coolant sprays. Whole-body cryotherapy, on the other hand, involves the individual standing on either a small enclosure that has an opening for the head on the top or in an enclosed chamber, depending on the machinery available. As the procedure starts, the temperature will drop around 200 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The patient will have to stay at that temperature for two to four minutes. 

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Conveniently, you can harness the benefits of cryotherapy, either whole-body or localized, in just a single session. However, it’s still best if done regularly to truly reap the benefits of this technique. 

By undertaking cryotherapy, you may get to enjoy these benefits in relation to your fitness:

  1. Pain Relief

Working out, standing or sitting for a long time, and running are just some of the ways for our body to suffer from physical strain. Fortunately, cryotherapy may help reduce or relieve bodily pain. 

Generally, the idea behind cryotherapy lies in how cold temperatures affect our nerve signals–slowing the transmission among one another. Since the transmission of nerve signals is slowed down, it follows the pain signals which are also delayed from reaching the brain, which inhibits us from experiencing pain. Furthermore, cryotherapy is also said to increase the levels of norepinephrine, which is a chemical known for being a natural painkiller.

In addition to being a perfect aid for your fitness routine, due to the pain-relieving effects of cryotherapy, it’s said that it may also help patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA), back pain, and fibromyalgia reduce the pain they’re experiencing. In fact, some would attest that cryotherapy is an important aspect of their rehabilitation program. 

  1. Relieves Muscle and Joint Pain

Since cryotherapy helps minimize or completely eliminate pain in general, a more targeted reason why fitness enthusiasts undergo cryotherapy is to reduce either muscle and joint pain. This is why you see athletes or gym goers place an ice pack (applying cold compress) on some parts of their body to relieve soreness.

Moreover, cryotherapy not only helps fitness enthusiasts relieve their joint and muscle pain, but it may also be beneficial for those suffering from joint conditions, like arthritis, as mentioned above. 

The theory behind this is that cryotherapy shocks your body into thinking that it’s freezing, given that you’ll suddenly introduce your body, or a specific part of it, with cold temperatures. With this, your body may be in a semi-hypothermic state, which is characterized by a low heart rate, slow breathing, and your body’s energy will focus on keeping you warm. Additionally, your body may also increase its blood flow. 

With these effects, your body’s healing mechanisms may speed up and remove toxins that are in the joints, flushing them out into the bloodstream. Then, both your kidneys and liver will finish the job by filtering these toxins out of your body, which, in turn, reduces inflammation–the leading cause of both muscle and joint pain. 

  1. May Aid in Weight Loss

The most common reason why the majority of people decide to follow a fitness regimen is to lose weight. As mentioned above, since cryotherapy involves suddenly introducing cold temperatures, your body will naturally react by keeping your core temperatures up. This bodily process involves burning calories, which is actually the goal of exercising. 

This is why spas that offer cryotherapy claims that undergoing this technique may help you burn calories. By doing it regularly, cryotherapy may also help boost your metabolism. 

However, do note that a successful weight loss regimen still involves eating healthy foods and regularly exercising. Hence, cryotherapy shouldn’t be the go-to method of achieving this goal, but it should only act as an aid to proper exercise, given that its main benefits are relieving yourself from bodily aches so you can maintain your exercise schedule. 

Final Words

Cryotherapy mainly offers healing benefits in relation to one’s fitness. This means that this technique is helpful so you can continue and even maintain your fitness routine, which is important regardless if you’re a student, adult, or in your senior years. Thus, with the help of cryotherapy and having the proper determination, you can achieve your fitness goals in no time.

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