11 reasons to install a pull-up bar at home

pullup bar at home


Are pullup bars worth investing money? Most people who are skeptical about the purchase of pullup bars the usually the ones who need it most. 

One of the greatest benefits of pullups is it helps you develop the strength that is relative to your bodyweight. No matter if you can deadlift 200 pounds or 500 pounds, you are not strong enough if you can’t complete 10 pullups in a row. Strength relative to your body weight is the best way to judge the strength of an individual, that’s the reason there are different weight categories in the Olympic weightlifting, wrestling, and other games too. 

Pull-ups are not regularly practiced by fitness enthusiasts despite being considered one of the most beneficial exercises for upper body development, reason? It’s difficult and pushes most of the people out of their comfort zone. 

Pull-Ups are the most functional upper body workout that can help you develop insane strength and body coordination. From my point of view, a pullup bar is one of the most versatile and complete fitness equipment that everyone should invest in. In the later part of this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of installing a pullup bar at home. 

Are pull up bars worth it? 

Listing down the benefits and limitations is the best way to predict if something is worth it or not. Let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks. 

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Reasons to install pullup bar at home 

1- supports Multi-joint movement

Multi-joint movements are not only good for improving strength but also plays an important role in improving the quality of life by improving coordination and stabilization

As a compound movement, pull-ups train multiple muscle groups in a single movement. It will assist in strengthening your Arms, Shoulders, Traps, Lats, and Core with a single movement. 

Having a pullup bar at home will ensure the development of the whole upper body without investing hours at the gym. I strongly recommend you check out the video of a guy who tries 100 pullups for 30 straight days. 

2- Help you get stronger

I understand the struggle of not being able to complete a single pullup, it is embarrassing to fail in the presence of a crowded gym. 

Installing a pullup bar at home will help you develop the basic strength to complete the basic bodyweight pulling movements. Additionally, bodyweight workouts are usually easy on joints which makes them perfect for body strengthening.  

Pullup bars are also effective anchor points to install TRX or gymnast rings to help you develop the push strength too. 

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3- Improves grip strength

Grip strength is often neglected by lifters which result in poor lifting ability. The grip is also a primary neurological stabilizer that increases the recruitment of more muscle fibers for the lifts. 

Grip strength is usually underrated but plays a very crucial role in everyday life, whether you want to lift heavy, throw strong punches or impressive handshakes, a strong grip will help you deliver better performance. 

Additionally, improved grip strength also reduces the chance of wrist injury which is quite common while lifting heavyweights. If you seriously want to challenge your grip strength then you can try static hang or towel pullups. 

4- Body control and core strength

Yes, pullups will help in improving core strength

Many people are surprised by the fact that your core act as a major stabilizer muscle to complete a pullup. You are required to keep your core tight and engaged to pull your body up which really does a wonderful job in maintaining stronger core. 

Having a pullup bar at home will help you masted the hanging leg raises and a wide range of pullup variations which will surely help in achieving better body control and core strength.  

Checkout 25 hanging core exercises you can do. 

5- Versatile

Pullup bars are very versatile workout equipment that can be used for a wide variety of workouts. 

You can practice a wide range of pullups, muscle-ups, hanging core workouts, and even chest training (by attaching gymnast rings). 

Additionally, pullup bars are beneficial for people from all age groups or gender. If you are too weak to perform the first pull-up then you can always use a resistance band to develop basic strength. If you are too strong for pullup then you can use a Dip belt or a weighted vest to increase resistance. 

Having a pullup bar is ideal for home that got young kids, a pullup bar will give them the opportunity to develop strength in their growing age. 

6- Makes you look good 

Most of the guys started their fitness journey just to look good, right? Pullups are the only exercise you need to activate that V-tapper look that is loved and appreciated by all genders.  

Whether you are a corporate guy or a beginner level bodybuilder, a pullup bar will surely help you go a long way to develop an impressive physique without investing a lot of time or money in it. 

7- Stay regular with strength training

Bad weather conditions or hectic day jobs are the most common reasons to skip a workout. If you are really serious about maintaining good strength and body shape then you should definitely install a pullup bar at home

I suggest 10-sets of pullups to anyone who is too busy to stay regular at the gym. You can divide those 10 into 3 sets of pullups, 3 sets of chin-ups, and 4 sets of negatives. 

Install a gymnast ring on your pullup bar and you have got a perfect solution to train your upper body from all the angles. For the lower body workout at home, I suggest the range of wall sits, box jumps, jump squats, walking lunger, glute bridges, and kettlebell swings. 

8- Posture correction

Bad posture is getting more common in people with desk jobs because of limited mobility. The poor posterior chair is one of the primary factors affecting your posture. 

Pull-ups work on Rear Delts, Trapezius, Lats, Rhomboid, Teres major & minor, erector spinae, etc to fix the bad posture. Doing pull-ups on a regular basis will work wonders to maintain a strong posture.

9- Gets you selected for firefighter, police or army

Have a slightest mood to serve your country? A pull-up bar at home will surely help you qualify the fitness test.

Firefighter or Army fitness test judges the strength of the applicant on the basis of bodyweight drills, not on the basis of how much they can bench press, deadlift, or squat.

10- Weight loss

I agree that pullup won’t help you burn as many calories as you burn doing the 30-40 min cardio but strategically planning your back training can certainly help in torching tons of calories

Pullup or chin-ups are big compound movements that help in serious strength building which also boosts the testosterone level and metabolic rate. Plus, doing some high-intensity pullups can help you rip up the benefits of high-intensity training without boring cardio. 

High-intensity bodyweight circuits are more common within Crossfitters but you too can use it to burn a high amount of calories. Here is how you can do: 

1# Pyramid workout

It’s one of the best ways to stay strong with just a pullup bar. This workout won’t take more than 10 minutes. It’s called a Pyramid workout because of the number of repetitions changes with every set. Here is how to do it.

  • Round 1- 10 pullups and 1 pushup
  • Round 2- 9 pullups and 2 pushups
  • Round 3- 8 pullups and 3 pushups
  • .
  • Round 10- 1 pullup and 10 pushup

2# 5-10-15 (15-rounds)

It’s a real full-body strength builder. It’s a combination fo 3 most common compound movements. 

  • 5 pullups
  • 10 pushups
  • 15 Squats

Get the minimum rest between sets. 

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Pullup bars are a simple piece of equipment that does not have many drawbacks. 

Portable doorway pullup bars are known to damage the door frame, but proper padding can help you overcome the problem. 

Screwing up a pullup bar on wall might look like the best solution but you should consider your decision twice if you are living in a rented space. 


Are the pullup bars worth it? It’s the most basic piece of equipment that everyone should be having at home to maintain strength and shape. Regular pull-ups will help you develop a firm handshake, impressive personality, and confidence. Plus, pullup bars support multi-joint movements that improve muscle coordination and body composition. 

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