Are fat gripz worth it? 7 Pros and cons.

are fat gripz really worth it


Fat gripz have definitely made a buzz in the fitness industry, and why not when they had big names (like Jay Cutler) supporting and swearing by the effectiveness of this small piece of equipment. 

Thick barbell or Fat barbell have been used by powerlifters for decades and Fat gripz were originally developed to mimic the same effects. Training with Thick bars was more common at old school gyms or at powerlifting gyms but they can be rarely seen at the modern commercial gym. 

Fat gripz improves the grip and forearm strength by increasing the diameter of the barbell and making it hard to grip. Introducing fat grips to your training routine will improve muscle activation and isolation altogether.

Fat gripz came into the limelight in quite recent times and many fitness enthusiasts love using fat gripz while workout. Ahead in this article we are going to discuss if investing in fat grips is worth it or not but before that leads go through a few basics.

Purpose of fat gripz 

As we said earlier, fat gripz was developed to mimic the thick bars, a standard barbell is about 1-inch thick but a fat grip can convert your standard barbell into a thick bar by adding thickness to it. 

How does adding thickness to grip can help? 

Using a thicker barbell eliminates the grip strength to do the work for you and allows other stabilizer muscle groups to do the lifting, resulting in more muscle activation and improved strength. 

When you hold a 1-inch barbell, it naturally fits in the palm of your hand which makes it comfortable to lift, right? That’s the reason lifting 250 lbs on the barbell feels a lot easier than lifting 250 lbs of any other object ex: atlas stone. 

Are fat gripz worth investing? 

So we have talked about the basics of fat gripz, now its time to find if they are worth your money. The best way to predict the worthiness is to understand the benefits and limitations of the tool. 

There are some factors that strongly advocate the investment in fat grips, let’s have a look. 

1- Improved muscle activation with fat grips

are fat gripz really worth it

Increasing the thickness of the barbell adds difficulty level by eliminating grip strength.

The grip is one of the most powerful neurological stabilizers in the human body which is good for compound strength, but BAD for isolation work. 

Eliminating the grip from the lift forces the muscle to work harder and engage more muscle tissues to do the work. 

Whether you are doing a bicep curl, lat pulldown, or shoulders lateral raise, you will be able to feel superior muscle activation

2- Develop stronger forearms fat gripz

A regular 1-inch barbell easily fits into the palm which doesn’t really challenge your grip strength to hold the weight. 

Fat gripz is hard to grip because you can’t close your palms in a full lockout position and you are required to lift the weight in a semi-closed grip. Because of the semi-closed grip, you need to squeeze the fat grip harder which helps in far superior forearm activation. 

Fat gripz enforce stronger forearms because your grip needs to constantly work in order to hold the weight in the right position. 

3- Injury prevention by lowering joint stress

Fat gripz can help in preventing joint stress due to a number of reasons:

  • It helps in spreading out the resistance more evenly
  • In increases the muscle engagement which takes off the pressure from joints
  • It increases the difficulty level of exercise without going super heavy.  
  • Better muscle activation leads to the far superior mind and muscle connection which ultimately reduces the chances of injuries. 

4- Stronger contraction

Fat gripz makes the barbell hard to grip which forces the lifter to squeeze the bar harder which results in far superior contraction.

Whether you talk about push movements or pull movements, the fat grip will certainly help in achieving stronger contraction by improving muscle activation and engagement. 

5- Versatile applications

It’s a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a wide variety of exercises, whether you are into strength training, bodybuilding, or calisthenics, fat gripz will surely benefit the training routine. 

Including fat gripz in your training routine will benefit your chest training, back training, arms training, forearm strength, shoulders health, etc. What else can you expect from a $30 workout tool? 

Additionally, fat gripz are a great alternative to the thick bar that can be easily carried away in a gym bag. 

6- Stronger deadlift

Strong forearms look beautiful but there are a lot more benefits to it. Strong grip benefits your lifting capabilities and will help you lift heavier at the gym. 

Forearms are the most underrated muscle groups that have been neglected by the majority of lifters. Improving grip strength increases the recruitment of muscle tissues which helps in lifting heavier weights and breaking plateaus. 

Involving fat gripz in your training routine will strengthen your grip strength without devoting separate sessions to your forearm training.

7- Bigger chest

While most of the experts are talking about the benefits of fat gripz for bigger arms, but its more than just a tool for bigger arms. 

can you use fat gripz for chest?

It’s one of the best ways to train your chest without overly taxing your joints. Even the four times Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler suggests the use of fat gripz while bench presses. Watch out his video below.


Not for heavy lifts

Fat gripz will help you improve strength but will not allow you to lift heavy, it actually reduces the lifter’s ability to lift heavyweight. 

Lifters who are training for maximum strength should incorporate fat gripz while selected exercises only to help them improve strength in the longer run. 


Are fat gripz worth it? Probably YES, Fat Gripz is worth every penny, it’s a versatile lifting tool that offers a lot of benefits like improved strength, stronger muscle contraction, muscle activation, bigger forearms, mind-muscle connection, and injury prevention. You cant expect more from a $30 workout tool. 

Fat Gripz FAQ: 

1- Should I Get Regular Fat Gripz or Extremes?

The difference lies in the thickness, While the regular fat grip provides a thickness of 2.2 inches of outer diameter, Fat gripz extreme offer 2.75 inches of outer diameter. 
Fat Gripz extreme was introduced as an advanced version of regular fat gripz with higher difficulty levels. 

2- Should I use fat gripz for every workout?

Fat gripz should not be used for every exercise or for every workout, instead, it should be strategically implemented in the workout. 
1-2 exercises of every workout routine should include fat gripz to rip the benefits of thick bar training but should not be used for every exercise.

3- Which fat gripz are best?

Regular fat gripz are the best option to start with, there are some other alternatives available in online market but I found the Fat Gripz the best.

4- When to use fat gripz?

Fat gripz can be used with any upper body training pattern that requires a barbell or dumbbell. 
Instead of using fat gripz for every exercise, we strongly recommend using a fat grip for 1-2 exercises only since it will be taxing on your forearms to do the whole workout with fat gripz.

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