An In-depth Look At Top CBD Oil Scams And How They Work

With the growing demands of CBD oil as an effective treatment for many health complications, there have been too many companies preparing the same oil. However, along with authentic reputed ones manufacturing the product, several are selling fake products to consumers. But how do you know it’s a scam? We can guide you with relevant information that will help you differentiate the authentic, real ones from the fake ones. 

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol Oil, or CBD oil, is an extract from the hemp plant or cannabis plant. Even though there has been little research and evidence to back up the claim, CBD oil has shown multiple benefits for various health complications. If you wish to keep up to date with the latest news pivoting upon CBD, is one the best source that delivers useful information these days.

CBD Oil Scam And How They Work 

Since the time CBD has become legal in many states, there has been an increase in scams and cheats. Below are some CBD oil scams and how they trick customers into buying their products.

Free Trials

Free trials always sound like a good deal. You think you can try the product without having to pay the price of the product. However, what you do not know is that the companies never sell these products for ‘free.’ It is like you pay for the shipping charges, and the bottle is merely a smaller size of the original CBD products that you purchase at a lower cost. All reputed companies will attract customers to try their product at a much lower price under ‘paid sample.’ Companies providing “free trials at just shipping fees” are a complete scam.

Hemp Seed Oil or Hemp Oil 

Selling hemp oil in the name of hemp seed oil is another major scam in the CBD industry. Even though hemp seed oil has its benefits, it is not a CBD product. It does not consist of any trace of cannabidiol. Manufacturers find it easy and convenient to trick people into believing the product as original hemp oil with CBD content. If you want to check the product’s originality, always check the label on the product that is a full-spectrum CBD.

Copy-cat CBD Brands

The most attractive scam in the CBD market is the copy-cat brands. They copy the name and brand of a top reputed CBD company and replicate and brand their products. Buyers are deceived by the faulty manufacturers, where they believe that they are getting the product from the trusted manufacturers. They copy the websites and everything in it. Little do you know that the website you are purchasing from is also a scam. These sellers will invite you to several credit card scams, and the next thing you know is that they will steal your money too!

Fake CBD Products on Amazon and Other Sites

There are so many fake products in the market, especially online, that it becomes challenging for customers to distinguish between the two, just like how tricksters manufacture faulty or low-quality products and claim them to be original. Therefore, before purchasing CBD oils, you have to do your research before buying it online thoroughly. Check the reviews, compare them with other sellers, and make a wise judgment. Research revealed that approximately 6000 CBD products were mislabeled as “hemp oil” when they were actually selling hemp seed oil. 

Unreal Claims

Most CBD scam operators put up unrealistic and bizarre claims of their product being of top-notch quality, offering multiple benefits and the highest potency. However, these claims are too good to be true. You cannot sell your products claiming to deliver results it is not meant to deliver. You should avoid relying on a company that sells its products saying it has 100% absorption or shows 100% desirable results. Especially with medicines or oils with health benefits, you can never guarantee 100% results. Therefore, consider these faulty and unreal claims before buying your product. 

How To Choose The Right Product? 

With so many scams in the market, you must be wondering who to trust and how to buy authentic and original products. Here are a few simple steps to buy the best product.

  • The CBD industry is not regulated by a body, which is why there are so many deceivers and tricksters in the market. If you wish to make the right purchase, choose CBD oil that passed the 3rd party testing from an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory. 
  • Keep in mind the THC content. With CBD, many users want to avoid products with THC content. Since CBD oil does not contain more than 0.3% of THC, do not buy a product with even a point higher content of THC. 
  • One crucial sign of high-quality CBD is that they are extracted from organic hemp. Look for products with relevant certification and label that has all the information about the product.


With CBD, along with the benefits, comes the risk of being cheated. Therefore, be wise and consider the points mentioned above to invest in the right product.

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