An Alpha Male’s Guide To Boosting Your Mental Health

Depression is a significant cause of mental health disparity and affects everyone. Compared to women, most men suppress and hide their emotions, putting them in a bad mental state. As an alpha male, you’ve probably seen the stereotypical traits shown on social media or television on how you need to be proud and strong to be masculine.

Characteristically, genuine alpha males come out as determined, humble, honest, and assertive despite the problems they may be facing. However, their ego sometimes prevents them from recognizing their mental health needs. 

To be an alpha male means knowing your flaws and weaknesses and how to work on them. Most won’t agree, but acknowledging your weakness is a sign of strength. Also, being an alpha male means you have a high emotional intelligence quotient. Having to interact with people with whom you strongly disagree requires emotional control. It can, however, be exhausting. 

There are ways to boost your mental health. Here are some of them:

Talk To A Therapist

You need to embrace therapy. If you haven’t, this is a long-overdue change. Therapy is an excellent way to open up to a professional and let out what’s holding you down. Also, it’s your first step away from suppressing your feelings and having emotional hardness. With therapy, you can redefine your mental health and make it your source of strength.

Fortunately, many therapists can help you face your challenges boldly. Mental health centers like Jackson House are available to help you. You can contact them, schedule an appointment, or visit their website if you need more information. 

Therapists are well equipped with information to help you and are legally required to keep your secrets. Hence, you don’t have to worry about them exposing you. Furthermore, you may not need an extra budget if you want to get help from them. Most of them will accept your insurance to pay for their services. 

On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable having a face-to-face counseling appointment, you can always schedule a telehealth session. Telehealth makes it easy for you to connect with your doctor if you need additional support. You only need your mobile phone, a quiet and private place, and a good internet connection.

Not just a therapist, but physical pain can also lead to mental distress. Therefore, always get your regular doctor’s checkup. If you are dealing with any tooth issues, or have ignored too many dentist visits then look up some of the Top Dentist in UAE.

Reject The Traditional And Societal Male Expectations

The traditional expectation of how a man should handle their emotions is an obstacle to you getting help. As an alpha male, you’re what every man in society aspires to be. However, if you don’t take control and live your life well, you could become a victim of the stigmatization of men’s mental health. Society may impose the following traits on you:

  • Be the financial provider of the family
  • Be self-sufficient
  • Have physical toughness
  • Heterosexuality 
  • Independence

Although being tough isn’t bad, setting high expectations for yourself might lead to anxiety and depression. But you can boost your mental health by redefining the meaning of a strong man. It can reduce the pressure you’ve put on yourself to conform to what society wants. 

Unrealistic expectations of what men should be contributed to the toxic masculinity we see today. Because of these stereotypes, you may lose your empathy and need for connection and struggle developing relationships.

Eat A Brain-Healthy Diet

Food nourishes you not only physically but also mentally. As part of your healthcare routines, it would help to change your diet to accommodate more vitamins and minerals that build your mental strength. 

Some foods can help with your varying moods and feelings of stress and anxiety. These foods include fatty fish, which contain omega-3 fatty acids; nuts such as almonds and peanuts; fruits and leafy greens; and proteins like beans. 

In addition, you can include foods rich in magnesium or zinc as you shop for your meals. Remember, a healthy diet keeps your body fit, and that’s one less problem to worry about.

Find A Physical Activity You Enjoy

Everyday activities like work can be exhausting and draining. It all ends up stressing you out and leaving you emotionally depleted. Therefore, it would be better to come up with physical activities that can help you relax, decompress, and relieve stress. 

Here are some of the physical activities you can try:

  • Rock climbing
  • Painting exercise
  • Nature walks in the park
  • Cooking new cuisines
  • Meditation and yoga classes
  • Going for a massage

These are a few examples of things you can do to relax. Don’t feel limited by the list; explore even more options.

Stop Seeking Numbness In Drugs And Alcohol

As much as possible, stay away from drugs and alcohol when you’re feeling down or stressed. Instead of numbing your feelings with drugs, it’s best to get the help you need. Meanwhile, drinking and bantering with friends are ingrained in the alpha male’s circle. However, you may not realize that you’re slowly becoming dependent on alcohol to escape your mental issues. 

While you can use it for recreation and winding down, avoid using it as a coping method. It’s best to stay sober while boosting your mental health. You can start by understanding your feelings and overcoming any challenges you may be experiencing. 

Also, be critical of your drug consumption and find out if you’re drinking to have a good time or if you want to bury your problems. You can only improve your mental health by being sober. Instead of drinking through a challenging moment, resort to safer options such as calling your therapist, taking a break, or participating in physical activity. 

Have Time To Rest

Resting is an essential part of maintaining your mental health. Your responsibilities can be overwhelming, and you may even forget to rest. Burning on all your fours can affect you mentally, and you should have intentional resting. 

To boost your mental health, have regular breaks in your schedule and follow them to the letter. During these breaks, you can pause and recharge. Remember, as an adult, there’ll always be someone or something that needs your attention. 

Rest and do other tasks when you have the energy and are ready to help. Resting boosts your mental health by reducing stress levels, regulating neurotransmitters, and improving your mood.

Cut Back On Social Media

Social media helps you connect with the rest of the world. Your smartphone is your virtual companion, and it alerts you anytime your friend, relative, or favorite celebrity posts something. At its core, you can use it as a communication tool. But social media can quickly become a detriment to your mental health.

Social media is associated with anxiety, depression, and loneliness if you’re a heavy user. As you view other people’s lives, you compare yourself with them, lowering your self-worth. Being an alpha male doesn’t save you from the human need to be ahead of others; it makes it more real. 

Meanwhile, cyberbullying continues to rise on social networks. Voicing your opinion recklessly on these pages can result in an emotionally damaging backlash. To avoid getting too attached, limiting your social media access would be best. You can even turn off the comment section of your posts. 

Overall, boosting your mental health include spending less time on social media pages, turning off the notifications on your pages, and only checking the pages when necessary. You can find something else to do rather than scrolling endlessly through your news feeds. 

Get Enough Sleep

Your sleep routine reflects on the state of your mental health. Quality sleep helps you cope with everyday tasks, feel less tired and confident, and with good self-esteem. Hence, implement a healthy sleep routine to boost your mental health. 

Here are some tips to ensure you get good night’s sleep:

  • Limit your use of smartphones late into the night.
  • Create a peaceful environment in your bedroom conducive to sleep by cleaning the room and having good air circulation.
  • Eat healthily, typically three hours before you sleep.
  • Keep the temperature normal in your room.
  • Reduce the clutter in your bedroom. Fold any laundry lying around.
  • Clean and change your bedsheets and pillowcases regularly.
  • Avoid caffeine at night.
  • Have a regular wake-up and sleep time.

With the above tips, you should get enough quality sleep. If you have sleep issues, consult with your doctor to get help on the medications or therapies to undergo. Remember, mental health issues can result in poor sleep, which might eventually affect your overall health. 

Have Close And Quality Relationships

For some alpha males, forming quality relationships can be a bit challenging. But humans are social creatures, and you must have friends and solid relationships. Such relations will help boost your mental health in the following ways:

  • Friendships can increase your sense of purpose and belonging.
  • You can rely on them for emotional support.
  • You feel less lonely.
  • It boosts your happiness.
  • You can improve your self-confidence.

Quality friendships mean you have someone who’s got your back and can open up to them quickly. Here are some ways you can cultivate meaningful friendships: 

  • Schedule dinner dates regularly.
  • Regularly call each other or text to catch up on how you’re doing.
  • Have joint activities such as working out in a gym.
  • Watch games together.


Boosting your mental health as an alpha male is an inside job. The decision must come from within you, and you must choose yourself. As from the guide above, it’s best to consciously step towards boosting your mental health. Even before you contact a therapist, you must decide on your own, or your efforts will be futile.

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