35 Traits Of An Alpha Male, Why They Are Successfull


People have been fantasizing about being an Alpha Male. Every guy wants to be an alpha male. But most of them aren’t aware of what it takes to be an Alpha.

First, we need to understand the basic personality traits of an alpha male and then we need to understand, are they really so much better than other types of male like Beta male and Omega male.

Definition: Term Alpha male is used to define the leader of a group in the animal kingdom. Like wolf pack have an Alpha male, every Lion’s pride have their Alpha, and every other animal species that live in a social environment have their Alpha male defined. These alpha males are the one who is responsible for the wellbeing of their group. They are responsible for the safety of female and kids in the group.

How this term “Alpha male” became relevant in a progressive human society?

We, humans, have a tendency to define the Hierarchy of Authorities. Whether it’s an office, school, classrooms, football team, everywhere else. We are found in defining authorities.

Term Alpha male used to fantasize many because they are always on the top of the Hierarchy, and they are the one who enjoys most authorities in the group. Like school principal is a leader of the school, the team captain is a leader of team, Office boss is a leader of his business.

Doesn’t matter wherever they are, these alpha males never discontinues being unique, smart and outstanding.

Some may think, being an alpha is a god gift and one can never be an alpha male by just looking and studying their unique traits. But we disagree!

Hard work can beat talent if talent doesn’t work harder. History has seen many legendary leaders who actually made things possible through their hard work. An alpha male is the one who exercises control in all things. He is not an individual, he is a representative of a group or community.

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The more you work; the more luck you seem to have. The key to being a successful alpha male is identifying talent in individuals and harnessing their efforts. Being an alpha male is not about being successful but about their ability to empower others.

Let’s move forward to discuss the traits of Alpha male-

#1 Hardworking

Have you ever seen an Alpha male who is lazy? We have always heard of the term ‘nothing worth comes easy’. Same thing is true about Alpha male too.

They became an alpha due to their hard work for their community and their people. This is also one of the biggest disadvantages of being an alpha. They have to work continuously and tirelessly. He knows, his people’s future depends on the work he does.

So if you are the one willing to exercise the traits of an alpha male, then hard work is going to be your stepping stone.

2# Leader

A leader is not defined by someone with biggest biceps or who is most loud in nature. A leader is the one who keeps his people together, willing to listed everyone and take active part in his people’s life. An alpha male’s task is to take his group from where they are to where they ever wanted to be. Alpha male may not be the most intelligent guy in his group, but he definitely knows how to empowers others.

An alpha male’s task is to take his group from where they are to where they ever wanted to be. Alpha male may not be the most intelligent guy in his group, but he definitely knows how to empowers others.

3# Strong

Yes! Alpha male is always gonna be the strongest person! But being strong is not measured by his physical strength. If only physically stronger person could be an alpha male, then every bouncer in the club would have been an alpha.

Alpha male is stronger in willpower, greater resistance, decisive and optimistic. He is the strongest because when every member of group give up, that’s the time he pushes them to achieve greatness.

A secret of becoming mentally strong by amy morin.

4# Ambitious

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

Alpha male is required to be ambitious because he is the one with a vision for greater future. Every alpha tries to push the limits of his people. That’s what makes him ambitious to dream about better future of his people.

5# Confident

Confidence can be called as a synonym of an alpha male.

Nobody has seen a leader who is not confident enough to reach new people or deal with the different situation.

How to be confident?

  •  Don’t compare yourself with others, stay real.
  •  Relax, go with the flow.
  •  Stay positive and look for good, no matter how bad the situation is.
  •  Watch your attire, wear nice perfume ( it’s proven: people who smell good tends to feel more confident)
  •  Maintain good posture and practice firm handshake.
  •  Exercise daily.

6# Flirt

Flirt is destined to be a part of the alpha male characteristic. With the aura and confidence they carry with them, they are pretty sure to catch a lot of women attention.

Alpha male is not a newbie if dealing with girls. They have become pro in dealing with girls due to their exaggerated exposure with ladies.

Flirting doesn’t always mean, treating the opposite sex with lusty intention. It can be called as an art of dealing with girls with absolute confidence.

Alpha male is always portrayed as an intense character but when it comes to dealing with ladies, they know how to treat them differently.

7# Disciplined

An alpha male can’t afford to be undisciplined. There are many people relying on him, and being indiscipline can never make him an alpha.

Alpha is required to be the most disciplined person in group else he won’t be able to empower and inspire others.

8# Never give-up

Winners never quit, quitters never win.

Alpha male never-give-up! One of the most prominent features of every alpha.

People can’t trust a leader who is willing to give up on every difficulty he faces. The reason why many businesses don’t perform well after the great leader resigns or retires. If the new leader is not capable enough to face every challenge coming towards his business then he will never be able to face them.

9# Rulebreaker

Break some rules, not the law, but break some rules. You have to think outside the box. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Alpha male is fearless enough to break the rules that are restricting him from being legendary. Its impossible for someone to be true original who is too well behaved and always follow rules.

Alpha males have a tendency to challenge society. When people can’t do something by them self they way it’s Impossible, But it’s their perception. You have to rule breaker to achieve that others could not.

10# Optimistic

An optimist is the one who makes opportunities in difficulties.

Optimism is a signature quality of every alpha male. A pessimist can never be a leader due to one fact, they always concentrate on failure.

Most people fail in life because of their pessimist behavior, they are afraid to take a new road in life. People who always opt for safe side can never be an alpha.

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11# Go-getter

If they said it, they will get it.

Go getting attitude in alpha male comes from their optimist behavior. They are always looking for the possibilities and opportunities in every difficulty. Nothing is impossible for a true Alpha male. There will be the time when things will get hard and look like you can’t achieve it. But your persistence in your efforts will play the decisive role in your progress.

12# Calculative

Alpha male may be the optimist, go-getter, rule breaker, fearless but he is not FOOL. He does everything after proper calculation.

An alpha is always aware of the risk involved while doing any work. Since his decision won’t affect him individually but can have an adverse effect on his group, he is highly calculative about risk involvement.

13# Dressing

Dressing is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Alpha males are always good in creating first impression. While most of us dress well for special occasions but being an alpha required them to look good always.

14# Tone

Now tone is something that defines their communication skills, studies has stated the key elements of communication in this form –

  • – 7 % of communication depends on the words we use
  • – 38% of communication depends on the Tone we use
  • – 55% of communication depends on our body language.

We have already discussed that Alpha male masters control on his body language for better communication, similarly they also practice perfect tone to make themselves a better orator.

Want to know about practicing perfect tone? Click here

15# Energetic

Whether you call it energetic or enthusiastic, alpha male never goes low in energy. An alpha loves what he does.

Enthusiasm releases the hormone to move faster over the obstacles. It gives you enough energy to cope-up with failure and stays positive.

16# Body language

80% of what you speak comes from your body and remaining 20% comes from what you actually spoke. Body language is a very powerful tool that every Alpha male must master.

Your body language is a tool that gives you opportunity to create a perception about you, even before you speak a word. All alpha’s practice total control over their body language for a long period of time to make it most acknowledgeable. Learn mob about body language.

17# They fail

If you think like alpha male never fails then you are absolutely incorrect.

Alpha’s fail as well. But it’s their enthusiasm and never-give-up spirit towards their goal that makes them overcome their failure or defeat.

18# Independent

True alpha has confidence to stand alone, courage to make tough decision and compassion to listen to the need of others. An alpha does not aspire to be a leader but becomes one through his integrity, sincerity, and hardwork.

Alpha male is very independent by nature and is capable enough to sustain and accomplish their dreams.

19# Fearless

Confidence, optimism, calculative and hardwork are the ingredient that makes and alpha male fearless.

He is calculative enough to decide the probability of his success, confidence enough to work hard and optimist enough to have faith in his actions.

Sometimes people need to get fearless to break the barriers that are holding us in developing and achieving new heights.

20# Smart

I was wondering whether I should include this point in this article, I mean it’s obvious that an alpha is very smart guy, that’s the reason he is leading.

21# Communication

Any alpha male can’t be an alpha without being able to communicate himself. Alpha male is required to deal with many tense situations where they are required to use their communication skills to keep his people on the right path.

Leaders speak because they have something to speak and fools speak because they have to speak something. Alpha’s are always up to date with current affairs and what’s going on in the world.

22# Adventurous

One way to make most of life is to look at it as a long adventure trip.

Alpha males are generally most adventurous, they are not the person who do 9-6 job or sit behind his computer all day long. They are go- getters, risk takers, enthusiasts who want to live life through different vision.

This adventurous nature comes in play while doing work too. Alpha is the one who is up for most difficult talk. They are willing to try new thing to learn new thing.

23# Self respect

One thing that you should never challenge an alpha is about his self-respect.

He is the one who respects himself first and can do anything to protect it. You have to respect yourself first in order to make people respect you.

This world is full of naysayers who don’t even respect their own decision. It’s upto you whether you want to live life lifting your head high or you want to demoralize yourself by reminding yourself your failures.

24# Helping

Greater power comes with greater responsibility. An alpha male understands this very well.

They know they got a power to influence people and they are always up for giving helping hand to others. Helping others nurtures their leadership capability, capability to think about all, take care of all.

25# Listeners

As we have discusses earlier, alpha male is an excellent communicator, and they can make the deal done with the help of their communication. But what most people don’t see is, they are great listener as well.

Biggest communication problem is we don’t listen to understand, we listen to reply. An alpha male makes the discussion successful by listening to people problems and then providing them an optimum solution. Great listening capability helps them in maintaining good diplomatic ties as well.

26# Egoistic

One of the few negatives about being an Alpha male.

No one is perfect in this world and alpha’s too are not exception. Sometime it’s seen that they went egoistic while making decision. This behavior is something every aspiring alpha should take care about.

27# Focused

Alpha male is always focused about their target.

Winston Churchill once said “you will never reach your destination is you will stop and throw stone at every dog that barks.”

So if we want to reach our goals, it’s very important to stay focused on our goals. If we keep getting distracted from our goal, then we will never be able to achieve it. An alpha male knows his priorities and focuses where it’s most needed.

28# Stay Real

Alpha male concentrates on creating his unique identity, every alpha had his mentor who guided him throughout his journey.

An Alpha never loses their dignity and identity trying to make people appreciate and follow them, they are always proud of being what they are.

29# Learn

The capacity to learn is a gift, ability to learn is a skill, and the willingness to learn is a choice.

Being an alpha means you need to have tremendous about of skills and knowledge. Alpha’s are known to be good in everything, this people’s perception works as a motivation for them.

Alpha male never stop learning because life never stops teaching. Being an alpha is a big responsibility, which includes learning from past mistakes and miscalculations.

30# Meditate

Meditate, because some questions can’t be answered by Google.

Read any successful person’s biography, you will find that they all meditated. Steve Jobs had a separate meditation room in his office in the initial days of ‘Apple’. Meditation gave these world leaders immense powers to deal with all stress and difficulties. Some of the benefits of meditation are:

  • – Removes stress and anxiety
  • – Enhance concentration
  • – Increased self awareness
  • – Feel happier and satisfied
  • – Good for mental health
  • – Reduce pain and enhances body’s immune system

31# Never satisfied

Willingness to get more is what makes them Legendary.

Alpha male never confine themselves within a limit. They are not just a go-getter but also have a tendency to push their limits.

32# Dependable

Yes, you can surely depend on them. Being reliable is a characteristic that makes them wannable to all. We are often told, not to trust anybody. Being in a world where being trustworthy is not a common trait, being dependable makes these alpha’s more popular.

Alpha male is a ‘man of his words’ kind of guy. He never back stabs.

33# Kind, Generous and courteous

With great power comes greater sense of responsibility, and the greater responsibility comes generousness.

Greatest alpha’s are always generous enough to hear everyone’s opinion and treat everyone equally. He is confident on his actions and has a sense of respect for everybody.

34# Great Mentor

True alpha male in not just a leader but they are the creators of future leaders too. True alpha empowers others to see the better future of the whole community.

Everybody knows that we aren’t gonna live forever, so an alpha is always dedicated to empowering others for better future.

35# Responsible

Of course, an alpha male is the most responsible guy in his group. He is the one who kills his personal time in helping and mentoring others.

He is known to fight for others and live for others. It’s obvious that in order to serve people they definitely enjoys some other kind of perks, but they definitely deserves in return of their work for society.


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