A Guide To Medical Check-Ups: How To Get All Your Medical Tests Done

Our health and fitness are important. It is about more than regular trips to the gym; you need regular trips to a doctor too.

No matter how healthy your body is and how low you can get your body mass index, our bodies are still susceptible to diseases and ailments that can go undiscovered without regular check-ups. Here is a quick guide to some of the most important health checks and how you can get them done.

Check-Ups For Cancer

Regular medical check-ups are important and can help us keep our bodies in peak physical condition. Getting screened for cancer at a medical center that specializes in oncology can help spot cancers early, massively increasing the chances of successful treatment. It also gives people that are concerned about cancer extra peace of mind.

The Circle Health Group offer cancer screening services at their private medical clinics and hospitals that are located all across the country. Their team of experienced oncologists and medical technicians use the latest diagnostic technology to screen your body for signs of cancer. If cancer is found they can also advise you on treatment plans, either privately or with the National Health Service.

You can receive cancer screening from the NHS, but it will usually involve a referral from your GP and a waiting period. Doctors typically refer a patient for cancer screening if they see symptoms of cancer during an assessment and will not usually refer you without a cause or evidence of a problem.

Check-Ups For Heart Health

Coronary heart disease is one of the nation’s biggest killers and can affect anyone regardless of diet, lifestyle, or family medical history. 

People who work out and exercise regularly are much less likely to be affected by heart disease, but there are a number of other heart-related issues that can cause them problems. Some heart problems can be worsened by regular, strenuous exercise, so getting a regular heart check-up is important for regular gym users.

Your GP can perform most heart checks, though they will often refer you to a local clinic to begin tests. This will include blood tests, stress tests, and an EKG reading to monitor your heart health and how it reacts to exercise and exertion. 

Check-Ups For Skin Care

Living in the UK, many people can be forgiven for thinking that the sun will not damage their skin. The United Kingdom has a lot of rainy days and weeks of overcast skies, but the sun can still harm us even under the cover of clouds. Regularly checking our skin is important.

Skin cancer is an obvious concern if your skin has been damaged by the sun or the repeated use of tanning beds. There are many other problems that can affect our skin though, and many of them can lead to bigger health problems if left undiscovered and untreated.

There are private clinics and even pharmacies that offer complete skin care and mole checks to help stop skin cancer early and spot skin problems that need to be treated. People often overlook their skin, but it is one of our body’s most important components, and the health of our skin has a massive impact on the health of the rest of our body, and its organs.

Check-Ups For Fertility

Many people become concerned about their fertility as they get older, especially if they have not had children yet. 

For women, fertility concerns can come from spending prolonged periods of time using a contraceptive pill that can affect their hormones. Some women may not experience a menstrual cycle for many years while using a contraceptive pill, raising concerns that they may have trouble conceiving in the future.

For men, many fertility worries can come with age or from using products that contain hormones or steroids which help them build muscle or lose weight when training. These hormones and steroids can often cause the testicles to shrink and reduce the amount of sperm they produce.

Having a fertility check can help people plan their families and understand why they might be having trouble conceiving. They are inexpensive and quick, and many can be performed in the privacy of your own home.

Check-Ups For Sexual Health

The National Health Service provides sexual health services and check-ups at walk-in centers across the country. Every day thousands of people use these clinics to get access to a range of sexual health care, including free contraception, and undergo sexual health check-ups and testing.

They can provide testing for the full range of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDs. Our sexual health is incredibly important to our bodies and to the health of our sexual partners. Many sexually transmitted infections and diseases can cause medical problems throughout the body, so getting checked regularly can help prevent serious diseases and hospital visits.

By using these health care check-up services, you can help keep your body at peak levels of health and fitness. You can also prevent disease and catch problems and treat them early. Get your health checked today.

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