9 Pros Of Cycling and Exercising on an Electric Bike

Considering an electric bike? Here are some great reasons to invest.

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

An e-bike is something Eco-friendly much like a traditional bike. It runs on electricity which means it doesn’t produce harmful emissions like gas-powered engines. Also, because it runs on electricity, it doesn’t produce the loud noises that you get from gas-powered vehicles.

Take the like of the Himo Z20 – it has a range of 80km and can do up to 25km an hour. For a commute or even a hefty cycle that’s quite a spec. The Himo Z20 also is excellent to ride and affordable, as well as very green.

2. It’s Healthy

You likely already know how healthy bike riding can be. After all, you’re getting in a good workout every time you hop on a traditional bike. However, an electric bike offers many of the same benefits. When you turn the pedals of the bike, your legs and entire midsection get to work. You’re getting sufficient exercise when you ride an e-bike. This is very different from riding a scooter where you would be letting the scooter do all of the work.

Even if you enjoy participating in sporting events, you can do it with an electric bike. You’ll find many competitions being held with electric bikes and some tournaments are specifically made for electric bikes like the Giro-E.

3. It Has a Motor

While many assume an e-bike requires no pedaling, that’s simply not the case. You will need to pedal with an electric bike. The motor is only going to work when you pedal the bike. That’s why these are typically referred to as “pedal-assisted bikes.”

However, there are e-bikes in the marketplace that you can purchase that don’t require pedaling. They are simply much rarer. Also, you generally can not rid them on the street without a special license because they aren’t classified as bikes at that point but rather a vehicle.

Photo by Sina Sadeqi on Unsplash

4. It’s Easy To Ride

An electric bike is something easy to ride. After all, the motor makes it much easier to pedal even uphill. Thus, you’ll end up requiring less effort with pedaling and you’ll sweat less because of it. This can make your ride much more enjoyable, relaxing, and comfortable while burning tons of calories. This can be especially important if you are looking for something that helps you with your work commute and you don’t want to get all sweaty.

Electric bikes can be a great alternative for those with some disabilities because of their accessibility. You can read a lot of different reviews across the Internet where people who couldn’t ride a traditional bike any longer ended up getting a second life of bike riding with electric bikes.

5. Need For Speed

Believe it or not, but you can reach as many as 15.5 miles per hour when you put your bike into motor assistance mode. This is the maximum speed legally allowed. Otherwise, you’ll have the bike going too fast much like a motorized vehicle. While you can go as fast as you want if you are pedaling yourself, the motor will have a limiter on it. However, under your power, you can push your bike as fast as you possibly can.

6. You Can Find Faster Bikes

You can find e-bikes that can reach as much as 30 miles per hour or more. Again, this is referring to using the motor assistance mode. If you are looking at bikes that go this fast, you’re looking at “speed pedelecs.” Just like the other bikes, the motor is going to assist the rider in the same kind of way. In the UK, these bikes require to be registered with the DVLA to be classified as legal to ride on the road. The max power of an e-bike is set at up to 250W in England.

7. Battery Range

You can find it taking anywhere from 2.5 to 8 hours to fully charge an e-bike from empty to full. That being said, you won’t need to worry about waiting for the battery to empty to charge it. There isn’t any battery memory that you have to worry about so you can always keep it charged.

If the battery does happen to run out while you’re on the road, you will simply convert to using it as a traditional bike. While it will be heavier than normal, it’s still going to allow you to get where you want to go. It won’t just stop on the dime like your bike would if it was powered by petrol.

8. Distance

If you’ve gone on a traditional bike ride, you’re likely well aware of how difficult it can be to ride your bike even 30 miles. With an e-bike, riding 30 miles is a piece of cake. You’ll be able to ride much further with an e-bike without getting tired because you’ll have a motor assisting you. Typically, you’ll be able to get 40 to 75 miles on a single battery charge.

9. Assistance With Climbing

One of the most significant benefits of an e-bike has to be its help on uneven terrains. This is especially true when you are riding on hills or mountains. After all, riding uphill can be difficult enough as it is. When you are doing it with an e-bike and its assisted motor, you won’t have to struggle nearly as much.

Display picture credit: Viktor Bystrov on Unsplash

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