9 Benefits Of Hot Yoga Vs Regular Yoga.


Hot yoga is the latest talk of the tinsel town with almost every celebrity vouching for it. It utilizes the concept of a steam room or sauna for improvement in weight loss through regular yoga in a place whose temperature rivals the tropics. Hot yoga is not only remarkable for weight loss but detoxification too. There are a few risks associated with hot yoga, as with any other fitness routine, but the benefits of hot yoga eclipse the side effects, thanks to the arduous efforts of the yoga instructors. 

Hot yoga is a rage now, and rightfully so too. Read on to find out more about hot yoga and its benefits for weight loss and detox, and join the hot yoga class today.

Can You Lose Weight With Hot Yoga?

For the hot yoga session to be effective in reducing the excess body weight, the yoga studio needs to be set at a temperature of around 40 degrees Centigrade. The humidity of the room should be at least about 40%, although there will be provision for hydration to avoid heatstroke, muscle cramp, dehydration, and fatigue during yoga. 

The entire preparation for hot yoga may sound a tad too overwhelming. But it only takes a few days for your body to adjust to the humidity and temperature, after which the innumerable benefits of hot yoga come to play. With regular practice of hot yoga, you can not only shed the extra pounds but drop it rapidly too. 

At present, there are four different kinds of hot yoga. These four kinds include:

  • Bikram yoga, invented by Bikram Choudhury and introduced into the US yoga scene in the 1970s.
  • Power yoga: a copy of the yoga conditions of Mysore.
  • Forrest Yoga: The yoga which introduces the Native American factors into the yoga regimen for emulation of the conventional sweat lodges, and
  • Moksha Yoga: The yoga, which is a seamless routine of 40 yoga, poses at 100-degree temperatures.

Hot yoga is a combination of numerous yoga asanas and 90-minute power drills in excessive heat. In hot yoga, the yoga instructors facilitate manipulation of muscle groups in the body for more power, strength, and expulsion of fat cells from the body. 

How Often Should You Do Hot Yoga?

You can attend hot yoga sessions thrice in a week for a significant loss in excess body weight. If you want to stay in shape for the rest of your life, then opt for the routine of four hot yoga sessions in a week. 

If you are an athlete, then cross-train by practicing hot yoga and regular yoga in every alternate week. Consult your yoga instructor for better results.

Does Hot Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

You may be still wondering whether hot yoga can lead to weight loss and reduction of body fat. The answer to your doubts lies in the difference between hot yoga and regular yoga. The primary difference is that the former involves a room set at high values of temperature and humidity. 

This extremity of temperature and humidity accelerates weight loss, decreases muscular tension, permits smooth muscle movement, improves breathing, and expels the excess fatty cells through sweat. Besides, the body undergoes constant detoxification during hot yoga, which is remarkably beneficial for weight loss.

Benefits Of Hot Yoga Vs Regular Yoga

This comparative study between hot yoga and traditional yoga will help you make a choice and settle for one of the two. It is palpable from the differences that hot yoga is way more beneficial for weight loss than regular yoga. Check out the differences.

1# The room temperature for hot yoga is much higher than that for regular yoga

Climatic control of the yoga studio to a high level of humidity and temperature is the characteristic feature of hot yoga. The temperature is set at 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the yoga session. You can either perform yoga in this temperature for 60-90 minutes. You may also try yoga for half an hour in an infrared sauna yoga studio at 120 degrees Fahrenheit mentored by a virtual yoga instructor. 

The yoga studio for regular yoga sessions does not involve any such temperature and humidity control. There is no detoxification through sweat in traditional yoga, and the weight loss is a slow and prolonged process, unlike in hot yoga.

2# There is a quicker increase in flexibility in hot yoga

Regular yoga can be performed either indoors or outdoors, but such is not the case with hot yoga, which has to be completed in a yoga studio. The heat and humidity of the yoga room for hot yoga help in keeping the muscles warm during the session. This warmth of the muscles is suitable for performing difficult yoga stretches. Such an advantage cannot be obtained from regular yoga. 

Yoga (whether hot or regular) is excellent for increasing flexibility and muscle movement. However, performing yoga stretches when the tendons, muscles, and ligaments are warm greatly facilitates deep and difficult poses, which is remarkably beneficial for hot yoga. On a cautionary note, do not overextend your muscles beyond your limits as that might result in pain and cramps.

3# Eliminate toxins and enhance blood circulation with hot yoga

Flush out the toxins from the body with hot yoga. The high temperature of the studio room causes excess sweating during yoga and thereby promotes the expulsion of body toxins through the skin.

Regular hot yoga sessions can also increase blood circulation in the body. There are particular hot yoga postures which influence the cardiovascular system and maintain cardiac health as well. 

4# It is easier to master hot yoga

The high temperature of the hot yoga studio room helps in the fluid movement of the muscle groups. That is the reason why it is easier to master hot yoga as compared to regular yoga. 

In regular yoga, the muscles remain stiff and so attaining the asanas or maintaining the yoga postures becomes difficult. 

Both hot yoga and regular yoga are excellent for the body. But hot yoga has a handful of additional benefits like detoxification, increased flexibility, improvement in the strength of muscles, and more. However, if you are pregnant or under particular medication, then consult your physician before signing up for hot yoga.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is not a casual walk in the park. It is the next level of regular yoga that is healthier and more beneficial for the body. Check out the most surprising health benefits of hot yoga.

Beats stress

Hot yoga aids in focusing the mind and relieves it of stress. The high temperature and humidity rejuvenate the body and mind and help to unwind and relax. 

Promotes detoxification 

The heat and humidity of the yoga studio make the body sweat profusely during the session. The toxins get eliminated through the skin pores during sweating, which leaves the person feeling energized and refreshed. 

Try hot yoga sessions to stay fresh and detox throughout the day.

Aids in healthy loss of weight

Sweating during hot yoga is excellent for burning out the calories, which aids in weight loss. According to yoga experts, hot yoga can burn up to 477 calories in an hour.

This high output of calories can aids in the healthy loss of body weight when supplemented with a balanced diet. Add hot yoga to your workout regimen to feel fit and powerful. 

Enhances flexibility

Regular hot yoga sessions will make your body fit and flexible as an elastic band. The high levels of temperature and humidity make the muscles warm and increase blood flow as well. 

The improved blood circulation prevents muscle cramps and soreness and makes the muscle stronger and more flexible. 

Makes the skin glow with health

The hot yoga studio is like a sauna, where the high humidity makes the skin glow with beauty. The steaminess unclogs the skin pores and gets rid of dead cells and excess sebum buildup. 

Remember to clean your face with a herbal face wash after the yoga session.

Combats back pain

With hot yoga, you can perform several yoga poses that can reduce and prevent back pain. The heat and humidity of the yoga room help to relax the stiff muscles and permits extensive yoga stretch that works to alleviate the pain. 

You can try hot yoga poses such as Thread the Needle and Sphinx to ease pain in the spinal cord region.

Defines and tones the muscles

There is nothing more effective than hot yoga for attaining defining and toning the muscles. The heat and humidity of the hot yoga studio permit a variety of yoga poses that work on the core muscles and promote strength and toning. 

The sweating during yoga defines the muscles even more and gives you a bombshell figure.

Pumps up the heart rate

The heat of the hot yoga studio makes the heart beat faster and enhances the transport of extra oxygen and food to the muscles. 

Regular hot yoga sessions are incredibly useful for the heart. It keeps the blood pressure steady and maintains a healthy blood flow as well.

Develops physical strength and fitness

Hot yoga is excellent for the body as it pushes the body to the limits and exerts the muscles for the development of more power. 

The hot yoga poses works on the glutes and abdominal muscles and increases their level of endurance as well. Your body becomes a powerhouse of strength with hot yoga.

Creates a healthy lifestyle

Hot yoga practice prompts a healthy lifestyle of a balanced diet and strict discipline. 

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