7 Steps to Take to Get Fit and Healthy Again After an Injury

If you experience an injury, it’s important that you know what to do to get fit and healthy again. It’s also important that you know what not to do.

So, check out the following seven steps you should take

1. Find an Injury Recovery Specialist

If you recently suffered an injury that could leave you out of commission for a while, the road to recovery can be sped up by finding a professional rehab specialist. A qualified professional will address your needs by assisting you in understanding how to recover from your injury.

This may take you in different directions, depending on your individual needs and injury. However, the cost of paying for injury rehabilitation sessions may be more than you can afford, especially if your injury has affected your work.

If your injury was the fault of another party, there may be some good news. You may be able to get your injury rehabilitation covered by the liable party’s insurance company. If that sounds applicable to your scenario, then you need a personal injury lawyer to help you get started on filing a claim.

2. Mentally Prepare Yourself

Whatever injury you have, it will take time to heal and get yourself back into an exercise routine. If you’re used to hitting the gym every day, it can be frustrating having to rest for a period of time. In turn, that could mean you become agitated, stressed, or depressed.

So, it’s crucial that you remember to stay mentally positive during the recovery period. Remind yourself that you’ll be able to return to working out or playing sports once you have healed but it will take time to regain the strength and speed that you had.

Be patient and reel in any negative feelings. You’ll be back on your feet soon enough 

3. Begin by Walking or Swimming

While you should always follow doctor’s orders, it’s usually best to start getting fit and healthy again by walking before you move on to more strenuous activities.

A gentle walk is a great way to stay active and slowly build up your movement and strength. Swimming is also a good option as it’s a gentle form of exercise.

When walking or swimming after an injury, make sure you take note of how your body feels. You need to ensure you don’t overdo things. Instead, gradually increase the time you spend doing gentle activities like walking and swimming.

4. Work on Your Balance to Strengthen Your Core

Another thing you can do before you return to working out properly is to work on your balance. By doing exercises to improve your balance, you’ll improve your posture and strengthen your core.

You’ll then be in a better position to return to more rigorous workouts. If you don’t strengthen your core after an injury, you run the risk of injuring yourself again 

5. Take it Slo 

Whatever you do, don’t just return to your normal fitness routine without slowly building up the amount of activity you do. To get back to the fitness and healthiness you had prior to the injury, you need to start slow and then increase your performance over time.

For example, if you used to run four miles a day, begin by running half a mile and then slowly increase the duration by half a mile at a time.

Actually, whatever type of activity you normally do to stay fit and healthy, it’s best to start at around 50% of your typical level, after you have rested for the required time, and then increase your activity by around 10% each week until you’re back to where you used to be.

The important thing to remember is to take it slow. If you don’t gradually increase your physical activity, you could worsen your injury or be more prone to new injuries 

6. Listen to Your Body

One of the most important things to do when returning to physical activity after an injury is to listen to your body. It’s okay to be in a little discomfort because your body will still be getting used to returning to normal. But a lot of discomforts is not okay.

You may have always had the attitude of “no pain, no gain,” but after an injury, if you push yourself too hard, you could end up injuring yourself again. If you feel a lot of pain when working out after an injury, stop and start taking things slower. 

7. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

To get fit and healthy again after an injury, you not only need to think about physical activity. You also need to think about your diet.

It’s essential that you eat well and stay hydrated, as both play an important role in the healing process of your body.

Avoid junk food and alcohol. Stick to whole, natural foods and drink plenty of fluids. By doing so, you’ll speed up the recovery process.

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