'); 7 Side Effects of CBD Oil

7 Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil

If CBD oil was a gun, it would be similar to the effective 2mm Kolibri-like gun featured in the Men in Black movie compilation. Yes, the target will be hit but it could also backfire on you. This is why you should know the side effects of CBD oil.

Hope is the very fiber that keeps man moving forward through thick and thin. Especially in the 21st century that has brought about a surge in all manner of illnesses. The pharmaceutical industry hasn’t been so successful in providing relevant answers but scientists have taken the challenge in trying out everything at their disposal.

This has made Marijuana come in the limelight with the presence of cannabinoids now realized to be therapeutic if not miraculous. You probably have your doubts and would like to practice extra caution before considering ingesting THC or CBD. Both have their associated benefits and as in the case with every coin, they also have their detrimental values. Today, we focus on the undesirable effects of CBD oil which is quickly gaining acceptance among patients and medics. Then, you’ll be ready to make a pragmatic choice of whether CBD oil is for you.

Evaluating CBD Oil

Of the 483 known compounds of the marijuana plant, the most commonly researched and talked about are THC and CBD. THC is predominantly the psychoactive composite that gives you the munchies while transporting you swiftly to a different dimension. CBD, on the other hand, is known to have exactly the opposite effects and is even associated with assisting people in fighting addiction.

While THC is only accessible to states which have approved Cannabis Laws, cannabinoid extracts are quite common but not in every state. Many are now led to believe and embrace CBD oil as the new hype in miraculous healing especially when high-quality products such as CBD Goodie Bags are used. That notwithstanding, we have endeavored to carry out our research on both the positive attributes and the side effects of CBD oil that should catch your attention. Not only is our data compiled from professionals, medics, and trusted studies, but it also features CBD oil patients who’ve been using it for a while with tremendous benefits. Be sure to check the attached links for more data and info.

Without further ado, what are the side effects of CBD oil?

1) CBD Oil and Dryness

A mild effect that CBD oil lovers endure is the cotton-mouth effect. Over 60% of saliva is produced in the submandibular gland which is known to contain cannabinoid receptors. The introduction of further cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system introduces anandamide into the system which then inhibits saliva secretion. The trick here is to drink gallons of water to counteract the CBD oil dry mouth outcome before, during and after ingestion of the essence. You’ll also want to practice better oral hygiene considering CBD oil dry mouth may also include bad breath.

2) CBD Oil Interaction with Other Drugs

Assuming you are keen enough to read the instructions in your prescription, you might have noticed the “interaction with grapefruit” warning written in bold. Research on CBD oil, though limited, notes that the grievous effects of CBD oil here is chiefly in the liver! This has been attributed to the cytochrome P450 enzymes present in the liver (mostly the CYP3A4) which have the effect of metabolizing pharmaceutical drugs. With more than 32 drugs having this effect when interacting with cannabinoids, it is crucial to first seek professional help before trying out relative CBD oil medication. Only your MD is in the best place to recommend you stop any other medication. Moreover, keep your dosage at minimum levels if on other medications.

3) CBD Oil and Diarrhea

Remarkable numbers of patients are now using CBD oil for weight loss purposes. Others who are in a more severe need for treatment of psychotic dysfunctions and epilepsy have also endured shifts in appetite which comes about with diarrhea and associated tiredness. The side effect profile of CBD oil in comparison to relative drugs used in addressing these challenges is said to be ‘minimal’ and even ‘desirable’ from a microscopic glance. Even with the reduced appetite levels, make sure you increase your fiber content as you drink lots of water.

4) CBD Oil and Blood Pressure

You may start undergoing lightheadedness after some time of employing CBD oil. This could be due to a drop in your circulatory pressure meaning there is insufficient blood flow in your body. This is especially so in patients without cases of low blood pressure. Even though there is a viable case for CBD oil and heart health, diabetes among other diseases, those with low blood pressure are urged to refrain from any cannabinoid products. Should you start noting CBD oil and dizziness effects, a glass of coffee or any caffeinated drink of your choice may do the trick!

5) CBD Oil Cause Nausea and Drowsiness

Other than CBD oil and dizziness being a challenge to several people, it may also have a nauseating effect which tends to affect the appetites of the individual. Furthermore, due to its relatively high relaxing effects, others have fallen prone to severe cases of enhanced sleepiness that affects their normal workflow. If you fall under this sleepy category, consider minimizing your CBD oil dosage and abstaining from driving heavy machinery. To some users, however, it results in the exact opposite effect and brings about a wake-inducing result.

6) CBD Oil and Minor Changes

You’ve probably heard that CBD oil manages depression and anxiety. But did you know that larger applications of CBD oil could induce the same problem you are trying to solve?

CBD oil has been perceived to cause rapid mood swings when you aren’t relaxed. Increased anxiety is a real problem patients have to consider before consuming any cannabinoids.

7) Increased Tremors

Studies show that neuroscientists are now more open to considering cannabinoids for grievous neurological disorders. Nevertheless, when patients with Parkinsonian features were exposed to doses of over 300 mg/day, the effects worsened due to the anti dystonic effects of cannabinoid introduction. The patients not only experienced psychomotor slowing but also resting tremors and intensified hypokinesia.

CBD Oil Take-Home

❖  Increased CBD oil dosage may have a repelling effect and bring about further disorders.

❖  It is crucial to consult your physician on the recommended dosage and even to lessen the dose if you encounter any of the side effects of CBD oil mentioned above.

❖  CBD oil during pregnancy and nursing is profoundly discouraged as toxins may be introduced to the fetus of the infant. This simply implies that CBD oil for kids under the age of 2 is not something you should fathom.

❖  Only aim for the best CBD products from recommended sources that report back to the FDA. This ensures you not to purchase over-the-counter CBD oil merchandises that have other toxins including unindicated levels of THC. Some of these contaminants may also include pesticides used to treat the hemp plant. Aim for 100% pure non-chemical CBD oil hemp.

❖      Patients with cardiovascular disorders and low blood pressure as well as those on other medications should refrain from ingesting cannabinoids.

Conclusion: The hemp extract could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Being herbal, it isn’t correlated with the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. However, you need to keep in mind the listed side effects of CBD oil as you weigh the pros and cons of going green. Do you think CBD oil is sufficient on its own to address your challenge? We’d be happy to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

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