7 best sneaky workout for teenagers..

easy workouts for teanagers to stay fit.

We all are such bunch of teenagers who love to save time and pamper ourselves by working out. And during such times we don’t want anyone around us. We go through the feeling of having just me and my things around. Due to the growing homework and assignments, we don’t even have the time to complete our assignments so from where are we supposed to remove that “special time” just for us. Many of us do love working out our body for good. Here are some sneaky workouts for teenager that will help you have a time for yourself:

Brush and Squat-

What you can do is while you are brushing, you can squat. Don’t just stand there and brush like a lazy brat. Stand against the wall resting your back at the wall and start going lower in the seating position. Continue this exercise till you brush your teeth.

Dance and Dress-

You don’t need to make something like dressing up a boring activity. So instead of just deciding which outfit to wear and all, switch on some music and dance to its beats while you are thinking which outfit you will go for the day and wearing them.

Walk the Block-

You don’t always to get down from the car right in front of your college. What you can do is park your car, or whichever vehicle you are traveling by,further from your college. Walk it to your destination from that distance. Keep on increasing the distance every day.

Clean your room-

This is that one task that never gets over. And also one of those task that takes forever to complete. So what you can do is, switch on some music; to be precise, music that will pump you up and make you work. Dance on it and start putting back the things right in its places. This will not just clean your room but let you stretch out.

Walk while you talk-

Don’t just out there when you are conversing on your phone or having a face to face talk with your friends. Get up and start walking around or something. Sitting at one place does not help you out. So if you friend has come over or you are talking to her on phone, go for a walk or climb up and down your stairs.

Break while your homework-

Now this is not only for those times when you take a break from your homework. It is for that every time you complete your target for the time. As soon as you are done completing one chapter or a particular task, take a break and have a task to complete as a break. Maybe a set of 10 squats every time you are done.

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