6 Reasons Behind: Why All Women love Alpha Male ?

Girls love alpha male


If you do not know what an alpha male actually mean, the simplest way to describe them is the stronger male amongst the others, being strongest can mean anything. Like stronger willpower or mental strength, or physical strength. Someone who leads and someone who is a little more dominating than others. In simple words “Alpha male is a one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”.

Reason behind women’s love for alpha males? Every woman has her own unique set of expectations but some expectations are still common in nature. Women love leadership qualities, strong body language, attractive personality, adventurous, and hard to get males.  

The simplest example can be of James Bond or the role of Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible movies. They are strong, they don’t settle, they love to create their own way, they are perfect when it comes to being a leader and they can take care of themselves and their companions.

Anyway, we have a lot of reasons for you as to why hottest women go for “alpha male”:

Why women love Alpha male

One thing that you need to know is that an “alpha male” exists in every kingdom, from animals to humans. Also, being the “alpha male” is not an easy task. You need to grow, not just by age but as a person. Your every action counts and you need to start giving a little more in order to receive the title. The hottest women around will always fall more for the “alpha male” than anybody else. So now you know how to fetch hottest women; in short, you know what do you have to be.

1) Hard to get:

Not every woman on earth likes to go for the ‘nice guy’ who is easy to get. Just like easy girls are not that fascinating for guys, for women easy men aren’t that fascinating either. Often girls get tired of the easy nice guys and usually the ones who get tired of these nice, easy to get guys are the hottest women who love to work hard to get something. And hence, since alpha males are hard to get the hottest women like to go for them.

2) Go-getter attitude:

Alpha males have a lot of quality within them. They are dominating, they love to lead, they have the power which can make them do things and have the “let’s just do it” or the “go for it” attitude which will just make them more appealing. Their qualities are strong which makes you want to fall for them all the more. Their attitude has a strong drive in them which will make you attract more and more to them.

3) Personality:

Their qualities and a lot of other things make their personalities strong and to go for. With such a strong personality, the demand for them just increases more and more. Women love guys with strong personalities and alpha males have the best of it. The “go for” attitude along with “we don’t really care” makes a lot more attractive. The careless attitude seems to work the charm more than anything else.

4) Not so boring:

Women love to be with men who know how to assert themselves. Along with this, they love guys who have an element of excitement. nice guys are often tagged as boring and women do not find it challenging enough. They always into some trouble or they are always up to something and you can be assured to be thrilled and have a lot of fun. Alpha males love to do things that they like and they won’t really care if you like it or not but they will do it for themselves. They are like a project whom you get to work on.

5) Bad Boy attitude:

When you have guys who have the sexy bad boy attitude, how can you resist yourself? Hottest women won’t settle for anything less. Bad boy attitude is something that they want, something that they probably even crave for. And c’mon, would you settle for someone who is absolutely innocent, or would you rather go for someone who is a little wild? The answer is so very obvious.

6) Character resemblance:

We would love to have our own little world of fantasy where role-plays and fictional characters are involved. And hence the alpha males are the best when it comes to such things because they make you want to think about someone, someone whom you desire and women love that. They would even die for something like that. Hence, alpha males are much more preferred all the more.

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