6 Easy and Cool Ways to Edit Your Gym Photos for Instagram

Showing Who’s Alpha in the Gym

One very important aspect of building your body involves charting your gains. You need to know where you are, where you were, and where you intend to be. Photos are the easiest way to accomplish such record-keeping. You do also want charts of your lifting capability and associated gains. However, these won’t be as dramatic as strong photos.

So by all means, keep a record of lifting thresholds and gains, periodically explore how you’ve developed. But additionally, take some good photos so you can really see the difference. Also, there’s a lot of fun to be had with gym photography generally. Following we’ll explore six ways the “apex” man can maximize his gym experience through photo editing techniques.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

1. Switch Color Palettes

Red Green and Blue, or RGB, are combined digitally to make many other different colors. Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (Black), or CMYK, is another similar palette. There are several different ways a computer can present the lighting and color information collected in a photo.

There is also “grayscale” options to consider, and you can find a variety of other options. Here’s the editing trick: the way colors and light are presented can reveal things about a given picture that would be hidden or imperceptible otherwise.

Plus, it looks cool to switch up varying contrast, coloration, and lighting thresholds digitally. This is a simple way to get an effect that can look quite expensive in a photo. Once you’ve got a few strong pics of you shredding it at the gym, play around and see if any color, lighting, or contras changes move you.

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2. Play Around With Filters

Maybe color palettes and lighting don’t affect a photo how you would prefer. Okay then, see what filters can do for you. Background noise can be removed in a way that looks natural. So can wrinkles.

You can change the shape and size of varying portions of a picture as well. Some filters will even turn a photo into something that looks like a painting. Imagine a baroque rendering of a veiny bicep under a determined face fighting the pain to seize the gain. Shoot, the right picture could be blown up and made into a legitimate portrait.

3. Changing Specific Photographic Features

You can tweak things pretty easy with certain editing software as well. For example, you can change shirt color in the photo through apps like Facetune. Maybe a friend took a picture of you in a green shirt on a green background, and you kind of blend in. Changing the shirt to red can fix the issue. Maybe there’s a stain on your shirt, and matching it in color erases it.

4. Angle the Photo to Create a “Rock N’ Roll” Effect

You can tilt a photo from its primary axis very easily. With basic editing software, the photo can be turned 90 degrees, but you can also rotate the picture about its access degree by degree, then trim around the “pointy” edges, if you will, to produce a rectangular photo in Fibonacci ratios (3:5) which looks as though it were taken at such an angle initially.

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

5. The Comparison Shot: Where You Were, Where You Are

Take a photo of you in a specific mode of workout on a specific machine when you begin body-building, and a picture of where you end up being after a few weeks or months. Add both pictures together in a photo editing program side by side. You can do this in five minutes, combine the shot, render it, then do all the filter, tilting, and lighting tricks touched on earlier.

6. Time-Lapse Photography Through Simple Downloadable Apps

The way time-lapse photography works has to do with aperture and exposure in traditional photographs, but there are editing programs which can simulate the effect digitally, and some digital cameras allow you the option of taking time-lapse photos legitimately. You can compare cameras and specs online to see if your camera has a built-in timelapse function.

Whichever option you have, there are some fun time-lapse opportunities at the gym. Get the camera centered on you while you do squats. Do it right, the camera focuses on your face in the foreground while your body in the background is an aesthetically interesting blur.

Getting Every Single Word Out of the “Thousand” in a Picture
Time-lapse options, comparison shots, tilting the camera, changing clothing colors, adding filters, and switching up color palettes represent six easy editing tips that can really show your gains off at the gym. Play around, mix and match, and explore until you find which tactics best fit your style.

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