5 Tips to Help College Athletes With Their Jerseys

Every college student has a full plate— attending classes, finishing assignments and schoolwork, meeting new people, and adjusting to the unfamiliar campus routines. But if you are a college athlete, there is an added responsibility. You have the training to achieve higher athletic performance and join competitions. 

The responsibilities of a college student and a college athlete do not end with school obligations. They have to perform tasks for themselves, such as having a healthy diet, maintaining a good amount of sleep, and doing their laundry. It is hard to make time to complete all these obligations and responsibilities.

It would be lucky if their university has a laundry service available in-campus, but what if there isn’t? It would be a bonus if the nearby laundromat had a laundry delivery service available. But, if these are a luxury for you. We have tips to help you get through your college-athlete life with clean and fresh jerseys.

Pre-treat stubborn stains first.

Jerseys require gentle washing. However, this could be a problem for jerseys with stains, as gentle cycles may not fully remove them. If your jersey has stains from dirt, sweat, grass, or from other causes, pre-treat it before throwing them inside the washer. 

Do not use harsh laundry cleaners. You can use 1:2 parts of vinegar and water. Dip the stained area and use a soft-bristled brush to remove the stain. You can now wash the jersey according to its wash label.

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Do not wash jerseys with other clothes.

As a student, you might be frugal in spending your allowance and think washing your jerseys with other clothes help you save. However, washing your jersey with other apparel may cause color bleeding or the soil of your jersey may transfer to your regular clothes.

Use a gentle wash cycle and detergent.

If you have read the care label of the jerseys, it suggests washing the jersey in gentle cycles. Only use color-safe and gentle detergents to ensure that the delicate materials of your jersey is not at risk for damage. Avoid the use of powdered detergent, fabric softeners, and dry cleaning as these might ruin the material fiber of your jersey. 

Use cold water and do multiple rinses.

Cold water is the safest option for washing your jerseys to prevent shrinkage and color runs. A healthy amount of rinse cycle is three times to help remove any grimes and residues. 

Always hang dry.

It is always a no to put your sports jersey in the dryer. A low heat setting can still shrink your jerseys and remaining stains can become permanent. Hang dry your jersey on a clothing rack. You do not have to worry as its materials are designed to dry quickly.

Final Thoughts

Student-athletes have to develop good habits to help them get through their academics, athletics, and life. The most important is discipline. Even committing to do their laundry even on a hectic schedule matters. It may be overwhelming at first, but hang in there!

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