5 Reasons you Can’t Get Ripped Without Supplements

Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder, an influencer looking for a perfect posture, or an ordinary person trying to look good, your day can’t go without a visit to the gym. Trying to get ripped is a challenging task, and many people try hard but still fail.

The reason behind the failure is often not understanding what needs to be done. It’s great to keep in shape by lifting weight or doing cardio, but you need to use the right supplements for significant results. There’s no perfection and looking staggering without using some chemistry.

In this article, we’re sharing five fundamental reasons you need to consider some supplements when thinking about getting shredded. We will explain why working out is not enough and why you must learn more about supplements. Follow up and see more on the subject.

1. Today’s way of life is different than centuries ago

We’re living 100% differently than the times when we used to be hunter-gatherers, but our bodies haven’t evolved to meet the different lifestyles. Even a few hundred years ago, we were still mobile, around 90% more than we’re today, so people easily maintained a perfect posture.

Diets were also entirely different than they are today. People rarely had the chance to eat excessive amounts of carbs, and fats were non-existing. Today, an average person needs to work out daily to keep in shape and stay healthy.

To compensate for the lifestyle in which we work on computers, travel by cars, and spend most of our time immobile, we need to work out. Still, this is not enough to keep our bodies in perfect shape, and the final touch is called – supplements.

2. A strict diet is simply not enough

A strict diet is a great idea to keep in shape, but it’s simply not enough. You can quit consuming sugars, carbs, fats, but your body will still not look the way you want it. You want to have muscles that will be visible, and you’ll look amazing, and the diet might do the opposite.

When you’re on a diet, your body isn’t consuming all the nutrients it needs to build the muscles. Sure, you’ll be working out, but consuming only proteins will not be enough to grow. You will need supplements to act as a booster and help you create that ripped body you’re looking for.

3. Various supplements affect your body differently

There are all sorts of supplements out there, all available for people trying to get shredded. All of them have different functions. There are also a lot of other brands that will give you different results depending on how your body reacts to a particular solution.

There are all sorts of different supplements – protein, creatine, beta-alanine, HMB, and even diuretics like these from Ripped Freak that will make your system flush excess water and help you get rid of toxins allowing a faster metabolism and creating faster weight loss.

4. Supplements help your body handle the diet

The supplements are perfect for replacing the harsh diet you’re willing to take and keep your body going and growing. As we mentioned above, the right supplements will add value to your workouts, and you won’t feel the diet’s negative sides while still growing in muscles.

Of course, for this to happen, you need to know which supplements to take, how to dose them, when to take them, and how much to work out. Sometimes people will work out too little, and the chemistry won’t work. It’s best to hire a coach that will help you reach your goals.

5. They grow muscle faster than anything

Muscle-growing supplements are explicitly made for this – growing muscles. No exercise in the world will help you get shredded and see muscles that are usually not seen without the help of creatine, for example.

Trying to get ripped means you must find the best supplements and take them regularly along with your workouts. After a couple of months of hard work, you’ll see muscles showing up even in places where you didn’t know they existed. You’ll also feel amazing knowing that you’re reaching the goal of being perfectly shaped.


We all need to accept that humans have evolved with their obligations and way of life, but our bodies remain the same. Maybe after a couple of hundred years, we will adapt to the new ways, but until then, we need to work out daily to keep our health and perfect looks.

Supplements are nutrients and chemical solutions that help us reach this goal. Most were created as drugs for other needs but found great use in the bodybuilding industry. Read more about them above, and find the ones that will do magic for you. If you’re thinking about getting shredded, they will become your next best friend.

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