5 Reasons To Own A PPP Kit

Pearly penile papules (PPP) are characterized by the appearance of benign white lesions on the glans penis. The cause of PPP is generally unknown. However, it’s normally seen in 8 to 43 percent of men. PPP isn’t an infection or disease, nor is it contagious.  

While PPP isn’t life-threatening, many men with this condition experience anxiety and low self-confidence due to its similar appearance to sexually transmitted infections (STI). PPP may also affect a man’s sexual performance due to significant distress associated with having white spots on his private part. 

There are many penile papule treatment options available, including PPP kits. A PPP kit refers to an ionizer treatment that vaporizes papules like in-office laser treatment. 

This article explains the important reasons to own a PPP kit.  

1. Effective PPP Treatment 

As mentioned, men with PPP often resort to self-treatment using castor or tea tree oil, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), honey, toothpaste, etc. However, patients aren’t satisfied with the results of these treatments because they don’t offer long-term permanent results.  

While home remedies effectively reduce the number or size of white lesions, many patients report regrowth. This observation further adds to their frustration and anxiety. 

Most men prefer to use PPP kits because they work directly on the skin surface of penile papules. The highly precise ionizer generates lasting results like one would experience from a dermatology clinic’s laser treatment. 

The number of sessions to eradicate papules may differ from one patient to another. Many patients report getting rid of all white spots in four sessions and around a week to heal between each at-home PPP kit treatment session. 

2. Improve Self-Confidence  

Using a PPP kit is a good habit. Most patients who have PPP kits at home experience improved self-confidence. As they notice their penile papules gradually disappearing, they gain more confidence in dating, sexual intercourse, and pursuing their hobbies. 

Protect your interpersonal relationship with your girlfriend or spouse by having a PPP kit. Owning one allows you to receive proper PPP treatment with more effective results than other home remedies. In that way, you can give your maximum sexual performance and satisfy your partner.  

Of course, nobody can stop you from mountain biking, diving, swimming, and other adventurous activities you want to do. You won’t need to worry about whether your white papules have erupted or feeling discomfort because owning a PPP kit ensures you don’t experience those issues. 

3. More Private PPP Treatment 

Most men with pearly penile papules are ashamed to see a dermatologist. There’s a social stigma and pressure on consulting a medical practitioner for genital-related problems, such as PPP.  

Using a PPP kit at home is a more private treatment for treating bumps on your penis. You can perform at-home PPP treatment in your bedroom or bathroom without anybody seeing or disturbing you. To help you learn how to use a PPP kit, you can check its easy-to-follow user guide and how-to video for extra guidance. 

4. Painless At-Home PPP Treatment 

Some men with PPP resort to using tweezers or harsh acids to remove the lesions. Others pop them out to remove the white substance inside the papules in an attempt to find a permanent cure. But these treatment methods can be painful. There’s also a high chance of developing other serious complications like infection, prompting the need to take antibiotic treatment. 

Most trusted brands of PPP kits claim that the procedure is painless. A PPP kit includes effective and safe numbing cream and alcohol pads. Applying this cream on the glans penis before using the highly precise ionizer can help achieve a pain-free PPP home treatment. Use the alcohol pads to clean the area before and after treatment to avoid infection. 

5. Inexpensive Home Treatment  

Unlike expensive dermatology treatment, PPP at-home treatment using this kit is more affordable in the pocket. Dermatology laser treatments, such as carbon dioxide laser surgery and cryosurgery, usually range from USD$800 to USD$3000. The amount doesn’t include the initial consultation fee. On the other hand, PPP kits only cost more or less USD$99. 

While cheaper home remedies and commercial creams are available to treat pearly penile papules, they’re often ineffective or don’t provide long-term results. 


A PPP kit is a must-have for every man’s private room. It’s an easy-to-use, effective, and affordable treatment for penile papules. Moreover, it offers long-lasting results, suitable for every man with PPP wanting to maintain or boost his self-confidence. When choosing a PPP kit, check the manufacturer’s reputation and the features and technology behind it for health and safety. Follow the user manual and only use it for its intended purpose. 

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