5 Bodybuilding Mistakes That Limit Your Muscle Growth

Many fitness enthusiasts are getting hooked on bodybuilding since it’s a good sport that encourages a healthy body and toned physique. However, achieving a well-built body doesn’t come easy. If you want to have an impressive appearance and toned muscles, you need to put on a lot of work and dedication into your fitness regimen.

There are many things you need to consider when you start bodybuilding. Blindly lifting heavy weights without knowing how to plan your fitness routine may just harm your progress. If you want to focus on muscle growth for a bigger and more muscular physique, you should avoid making these mistakes. 

Too Focused on A Specific Muscle Group 

Building your muscles is a much more complicated process than simply shedding weight. You’ll need to alter your workouts to target all your muscle groups. 

Many bodybuilders nowadays look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous actor known for his great physique. If you read about how he developed his muscles, then you’d know that he didn’t do it alone. His trainer, Vince Gironda helps shaping his entire body by ensuring that he performs different workouts that target different muscles.

If you want to have a balanced built, you need to exercise your abs, arms, and legs equally. This means you need variation in your exercises, and you must pay attention to how your body respond afterward. For instance, if you’re performing a movement that’s supposed to target your biceps, your arms should be the part that’ll feel sore the next day. If you ever feel pain on your back or shoulders, then it means you’re doing the exercise incorrectly.  

Not Eating Enough  

Another common mistake many bodybuilders make is eating too little. You recommended daily calorie intake will play a role in how you develop your muscles. It will dictate how much you need to eat daily to maintain your physique. If you go on a calorie deficit, your body will lose muscle mass. On the other hand, if you eat on a surplus, you’ll gain weight and fat.  

Once you start your bodybuilding journey, you should pay attention to what goes into your plate. To successfully gain muscle, it’s vital that you consume enough protein and healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Also, remember that your body will need more calories to function well as you lose fat and develop muscle. Hence, it’s vital that you keep track of your progress and adjust your diet as you improve to achieve your desired body.  

Drinking Too Many Supplements  

It’s no secret that building muscle isn’t easy. You’ll need to constantly monitor your food intake and be consistent with your workouts. One slip up in your fitness routine, and you’ll risk losing your progress. It’ll also be more challenging to tone your muscles further once your body gets used to the difficulty of your workouts.  

You may be tempted to take workout supplements to ensure you won’t have difficulties building your body. Although there’s nothing wrong with taking supplements, consuming too many may end up harmful to your body. It’s better if you consult with an expert first before you take any products.  

You should also stay away from brands that promise instant results since it’s impossible to achieve a well-built body without hard work. Always consider weight management supplements as an aid to your fitness journey and not as a one-stop solution that’ll provide results overnight.  

Excessive Cardio 

When you’re trying to build your muscles and lose fat, too much cardio can actually restrict your growth rather than aid it. You may think that doing any workout is acceptable since it’ll contribute to the improvement of your physique. However, you’ll end up losing your muscle mass when you perform too many cardio workouts, especially when you already have a low body fat percentage.  

Your fitness regimen should focus on muscle toning exercises such as weightlifting or isolated exercises rather than cardio workouts. Of course, you shouldn’t completely remove cardio from your routine since it will still play a role in your progress. You can perform a 30-minute cardio workout two to three times a week so you can retain your cardiovascular endurance without sacrificing your muscle gain.  

Ignoring Rest Days  

You’ve probably experienced waking up with sore muscles the day after an intense workout. This occurrence is normal and is a good sign that your muscles are growing. When you’re building your muscles, expect that there will be days when you’ll need to skip the gym and rest. You may think you need to work out every day to achieve the physique you want. However, pushing yourself beyond your limits will only backfire.  

Allowing your muscles to heal and dedicating a day for recovery is essential to your improvement. It’ll give time for your muscle tissues to repair themselves so they’ll grow bigger and stronger. Always include a rest day in your weekly fitness plan to allow your body to recuperate from the intense workouts you perform.  

Final Thoughts

Bodybuilding is a gratifying practice that encourages good health and a positive body image. However, it requires commitment and dedication to achieve results. If you want to build a toned physique successfully, you should pay attention to your fitness routines and avoid bodybuilding mistakes that’ll hinder your progress. 

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