5 Best treadmill brands for home use.

best treadmill brands for home


Buying a treadmill for the home workout is definitly a costly investment, knowing the best brands in the market can ensure the reliability of performance.

Today, we are going to cover all the best treadmill brands for home use and their best performing treadmill models. 

But before we hop on the best brands its important to know some key factors to look for before you make your purchase. 

What to look for when buying a treadmill for home

Treadmill selection can be a lot easier if you know your requirements, keeping a few details in mind can help you get the best treadmill at an affordable cost. Factors to Keep in Mind when buying a treadmill for home use: 

Utility: your utility plays a key role in finalizing the purchase, whether you are buying a treadmill for jogging or sprinting or walking? For long runs, you might require to look for high quality treadmills. 

Budget: there is a wide variety of treadmill available in the market, treadmills costs range from $300 to $5000. Having a budget range is another crucial part of the finalization of purchase. 

Deck-Size: while most of the people neglect the best size and opt for a compact treadmill. Size of the treadmill should be defined by your hight. Anyone with hight more than 6ft should go for the larger running deck. 

Treadmill size: since you are making a purchase for your house, considering the size of the treadmill gets essential. Choosing a treadmill with a folding deck mechanism is always a better choice. 

Advanced functionality: every treadmill offers different functionalities and you need to be wise with your requirements. The range of speed, incline levels, sensors, and many different things.  

Best Treadmill Brands For Home Use. 


NordicTrack has been in a market for over 25 years and has earned a reputation for producing reliable and low-impact machines. 

NordicTrack is owned by ICON Health and Fitness, which also manufactures trainers by ProForm and several other brands as well.

Over a period of time NordicTrack has become one of the most popular treadmill manufacturers in the home segment. Their treadmills are cost-effective, reliable and compact for home-usage. NordicTrack is also one of the few companies that offer the integration of iFit coaching membership for better interactiveness. 

You can bring a NordicTrack home at the cost of as low as $599. 

Best NordicTrack treadmill for home use: 

[amazon box=”B07H162988″]

Treadmill Highlights

  • 3.0 CHP drive system,
  • Walking belt 20 x 60
  • Quick speed control 0 12 mph
  • Quick incline control 0 12 percentage
  • 50 preset workout apps
  • 300 lb user capacity.

Product review

One of the best folding treadmill you can get within $1000. Although it’s one of the most cost-effective model of NordicTrack but that doesn’t stop it from outperforming its competitors. 

Nordictrack T 7.5 S is a heavy-duty treadmill that is equipped with all the basic functionality a runner could ask for. 

Its high quality 3.0 continuous horsepower motor guarantee a reliable performance with 1.9” Precision and Balanced Non-Flex Rollers. 

Deck size of the treadmill is just perfect for small room space, its 60 inches long which allows you to take long strides while running but it’s just 20 inches in width which just enough for a comfortable run. 

The treadmill comes with 50 preset workout programs and offers quick speed and incline button control. Because of the high quality motor NordicTrack T 7.5 S is capable of withstanding load capacity of 300lbs.  

NordicTrack T 7.5 S is IFit enabled and comes with a year of free subscription. With an iFit module, you can access custom Google Maps training routes anywhere in the world, automatic stats tracking, personalized workouts, competitions, and much more. Running on a treadmill with IFit is just a dope experience and you will surely fall in love with it. 

Lifetime warranty on the frame says it all, it’s sturdy and built to last long. 


You can call it a cousin of NordicTrack since it is owned by the same parent company Icon Fitness. Proform offers a wide range of exercise equipment including ellipticals, exercise bikes, treadmills, etc.

ProForm treadmills are known for their sturdy design, high quality material and durability. ProForm treadmills are known for high-end features like HD touchscreens with web browsers, support iFit Coach, etc. 

Whether you are a marathon runner or daily walker, Proform is a perfect fit for your requirement. 

Best ProForm treadmill for home use: 

[amazon box=”B07H15H25Q”]

Treadmill Highlights:

  • iFit enabled 14-inch capacitive touch screen
  • 2.75 CHP Mach Z
  • Commercial size tread belt 18″ x 60″
  • Speed 0 – 12 MPH
  • incline/decline -2 – 12%
  • Weight capacity of 315 lbs

Treadmill review:

Proform Performance 800i has got everything you can expect from a  high treadmill. In simple terms, its a true competitor of NordicTrack T 7.5 S. 

Whether your intention is to burn more calories, improve real-road conditioning, and boost cardio endurance, this is a perfect piece of equipment for all requirements.

Proform Performance 800i contains a 2.75 chp motor that is powerful enough to work smoothly with 315 lbs of load. 

This is also iFit enabled with 14-inch full-color capacitive touch display to make your workout way more interesting. With the belt size of 18* 60 inches makes it a perfect home treadmill. 

Proform Performance 800i has a variable speed range of  0 – 12 MPH with digital quick speed control buttons. 

One of the distinct features that you won’t find in-home treadmill is its decline up to -2% and incline to 12%. 

ProShox cushioning uses isolating technology that can reduce the impact on knee joints, high-quality cushioning also improved the overall performance. 

Sole Fitness

Looking for a high-end club-like treadmill at home? Sole Fitness is the best fit for your needs. 

Sole Fitness is a leading manufacturer of high-end home treadmills and other exercise equipment. Their treadmills are much higher quality than the competitors and contain all the latest functionalities that you expect from a high-end treadmill to have. 

You get what you pay for, sole fitness it not for someone with a narrow home treadmill budget. 

Best Sole Fitness treadmill for home: 

[amazon box=”B07QPCCYXF”]

A king of all home treadmill. 

Treadmill Highlights

  • Top-rated treadmill according to different fitness magazines.
  • Large display has an array of options.
  • 3.5 HP Motor
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces joint impact by 40%
  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers & Integrated Tablet Holder
  • Incline can be adjusted to 15 different levels
  • Supports up to 375 lbs.
  • USB Port For Charging Devices
  • Bulletproof frame

Product Review: 

The F80 treadmill has been reviewed as “The best treadmill in its price range” body by customers and many magazines. 

Sole F80 is a powerful beast with 3.5 continuous horsepower motor that can support 375lbs while delivering the best performance. 

Its powerful motor is capable of delivering challenging speed up to 12 mph. and inclines up to 15 levels. 

Display quality is always an important aspect of any treadmill, F80’s large and vibrant 9.0″ LCD display allows you to track large array of running data. 

F80 is built to last for decade, with its sturdy design and super strong frame. It also contains Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology which reduces the stress on knees by upto 40%. 

Its a foldable treadmill with 22 x 60 inches of the running surface which is perfect for any sized runner. 

Bluetooth audio system, power charging port, and integrated tablet holder is a great add-on for perfect entertainment while workout.  

Is there anything else you can expect from a home treadmill? This treadmill is surely a best bet with a reasonably responsible price range. 

Horizon Fitness

Looking to get all the advanced features in the pocket-friendly price range? Horizon fitness might be the best bet. 

Johnson Health Tech is a parent company of horizon fitness, its the same parent company of established treadmills brands Matrix Fitness and Vision Fitness.

One thing that makes it stand apart from competitors is its reliability and performance-oriented built. 

Best Horizon Fitness model for home: 

[amazon box=”B07FPRYTSK”]

A cost-effective but reliable solution to daily fitness. 

Treadmill Highlights

  • 2.5 CHP motor with speed range .5-10mph
  • 10-speed keys and 10 levels quick incline
  • Bluetooth enables and rapid charge USB port
  • 20 x 55 running surface
  • The hydraulic assisted folding mechanism
  • 3 zone cushioning

Product Review

Horizon Fitness treadmills were designed to be affordable but still reliable fitness solution. Treadmill contains a 2.5 continuous horsepower motor that is capable of delivering the speed rance between .5-10 miles per hour. 

Unline other affordable treadmills you don’t really need to worry about the manual incline, you get the rapid speed keys and digital 10 levels quick incline. 

While most of the commercial treadmills have 60inches long belt length, Horizon for a 55 inches length of treadmill belt which is just enough for even large people. Additionally, its hydraulic assist folding mechanism proves to be very effective and energy saving. 

3-zone variable cushioning is good enough to support your joints for long runs. With the Bluetooth enabled built-in speakers, fan and tablet rack get ready for some serious calorie burning sessions. 

Weslo Cadence

A treadmill manufacturer that has specialized in building entry-level treadmills, Weslo Cadence does not offer a wide range of treadmill, instead, they are concentrating on delivering reliable treadmills at affordable prices. 

They have been the best seller on amazon because of their cheap price range and reliable performance. 

Best Rated Weslo Cadence: 

[amazon box=”B007O5B0LC”]

Treadmill Highlights

  • 2.5 CHP Motor
  • Space saver design
  • Blue-Tinted LCD with Priority Display
  • Two-position manual incline
  • Comfort Cell cushioning
  • 275 lbs of weight capacity

Product review

With more than 3500 positive reviews Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is one of the most popular home treadmills on Amazon.

Motor: Weslo cadence G 5.9 is coming with 2.5 continuous horsepower motor that is powerful enough to withstand heavy overload.  

Display: you can’t really expect to have the best display at that affordable price, with this treadmill you get a blue-tinted LCD display to track your workout progress. You get the details of calories burned, speed, total time, etc.  

Speed and incline: QuickSpeed controls allow you the variable speed adjustment up to 10 mph and manual incline gives it a capacity to add resistance to training

Cushioning: Cushioning is not the best you can get but it’s good enough to protect your joints. Don’t forget to have a protective floor mat before you use your treadmill. 

Other features: Weslo cadence G 5.9 also contain 6 preset workout programs that are designed by professional trainers for maximum calorie burning. 

Overall its an investment worth your money. 


Combining generous programming with high-quality parts is the only motive of LlifeSpan treadmills. They touched a sector that not many treadmill manufacturers are targetting, “desk treadmills”.

LifeSpan has constantly produced award-winning treadmills and its definitly a personal favorite. 

Top Rated Lifespan Treadmill

[amazon box=”B006M2PJV0″]

It’s different from the rest but surely a game changed in weight loss.

Treadmill Highlights

  • It’s a treadmill work station, not for daily running
  • High capacity 2.25 HP electric motor 
  • speed of 0.4 to 4 MPH.
  • Sync activity data to your phone through Bluetooth
  • A portable console that tells: distance traveled, calories burned, total walk time

Product review: 

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle while following your hectic work schedule? Then this is the treadmill you need. 

An average person burns 100 calories for every mile he/she walks. A treadmill desk allows you to walk 7-8 miles easily without leaving your work for a minute. This allows you to burn 700-1000 additional calories which can work as a game-changer. 

Being an entrepreneur myself, I have always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, early morning wakeup and late-night works were just not allowing me to get my daily dose of workout. 

Lifespan TR1200-DT5 treadmill has saved me a lot of time and energy, now I respond to emails, plan for a day and complete other office tasks while walking on my treadmill. Not just that, I also use this treadmill to manage my work while spending time with my family, so practically it made me do 3 things simultaneously which is a great boon for a family person.

Lifespan TR1200-DT5 treadmill offers 38’’ wide by 29’’ deep desktop which allows enough space to spread out the laptop, papers, and other essentials. Not just that, its adjustable frame allows you to position the desk so that it’s suitable for your height.

With the Bluetooth connectivity, you can sync walking data to your phone to track progress, plus, it comes with a quiet motor that won’t disrupt you and your family while working.

After some practice, this treadmill desk will become a part of your life.

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