21 reasons to Deadlift, Why you should perform this fabulous exercise..

22 reasons to love deadlift


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People may come and go, but Two hundred pounds is always going to be Two hundred pound.

If you are reading this, you are probably confused about the usefulness and benefits of deadlifting. For me. deadlifting is one of my favorite things to do at the gym, every time I enter the gym, I am just craving to lift those barbells with some insane weight on them.  A deadlift has helped me build lower and upper body strength like no other exercise.

Ever wondered how many body muscles get activated while deadlifting? Here is a list:

  • Gluts
  • Hamstring
  • Abs
  • Lower back
  • Quads
  • Shoulder
  • Upper back
  • Collar
  • Latissimus dorsi (lats)
  • Calves
  • Forearms

Of course, people are scared of deadlifting and often tend to avoid this wonderful exercise, but today I am going to make you fall in love with deadlifting.

Before we discuss the benefits of deadlifting, let’s get to know some accessories that will help you elevate your performance.

Accessories For Better Deadlift.

Note: We are not paid sponsors of any brand, our selection of products is strictly unbiased and mainly based on the performance and personal experience. 

Lifting Gloves

Weak wrist might be pulling you back from going heavy, having gloves designed foe heavy lifting may allow you to have better performance. 

No more slips or chaffing, Cobra grip Pro provides ample padding to protect the palms & gives a tight grip. 

Weightlifting shoes

Most of the people don’t understand the importance of lifting shoes. I have seen people deadlifting huge weight in their regular jogging shoes. 

Weightlifting shoes are specially built to survive heavy payload and provide stability to the body. Weight lifting shoes are made with an extra-wide design that allows the foot to spread and allows the body weight to spread uniformly. Use these weightlifting shoes for deadlifting and squatting sessions. 

Lifting belt

If you love to lift the heavyweight then a good quality lifting belt is an absolute necessity. 

RDX Powerlifting Belt is made of oil-tanned nubuck leather for extra durability and contains unified lever clasp closure technology to ensure stability, comfort, and enough waist fastening support.

Dead Wedge

It will surely ease the process of loading and offloading weights. Loading and the offloading massive weight has always been a pain in the ass, it requires a lot of strength. 

Dead Widge is a perfect deadlift jack alternative that provides enough space to load additional weight with much ease. 

#1 – Makes You A Man

Being a man is not about crossing some age limit or earning well or marrying. Being a man is all about attitude, an attitude to rise and stand every time life pulls you down. Being a man doesn’t include having fancy abs, instead, it requires having the core strength to lift. Being a man requires the capability to fight back in adverse conditions. Being a man requires you to never give up.
Deadlifting will definitely help you with developing core strength, it will teach you to rise every time life pulls you down, and it will train your mind to never give up.

#2 – Build Huge Back

If you think, you will be able to achieve huge back without mastering Deadlift then you are absolutely wrong. A deadlift is a perfect compound exercise which works on every muscle part of your back, which ultimately leads to the stronger, bigger and thicker back.

#3 – Develop Enormous Grip Strength

You don’t do Deadlift with minimum weight; you perform it to contain maximum muscle power. The amount of weight you lift while deadlifting puts immense pressure on your arms, forearms and your finger grip.

#4 – Insane Strength

Deadlift is a core exercise helpful to define someone’s body strength. A person with higher deadlifting capability is considered to be greater powerful.

#5 – Boosts Metabolism

Wondering how it could boost your metabolism? Deadlift requires the highest number of muscle involvement, which ultimately leads to higher calorie burning while deadlifting, additionally, it helps your body to burn more calories while resting also.

#6 – Trains Your Mind

Deadlift definitely train your body to never give up and fight to rise against immense pressure.

#7 – Chicks Love Powerful Glutes

Do you think only guys like strong and in-shape glutes? Then this is a secret you should know, girls love them too. The glutes are your body’s largest and most powerful muscle group, and working on them will ultimately lead to higher metabolic rate and better strength and it will make you look sexier than ever. So next time you hit a gym, remember ‘gluts aren’t meant for chicks only’.

#8 – Total Body Exercise

The Deadlift, it’s an ultimate weightlifting exercise, we have already listed so many body parts which are profoundly affected while deadlifting. Have a look at them once again, deadlifting will be activating your: glutes, hamstring, abs, lower back, quads, shoulder, upper back, collar, lats, calves, forearms. I hope this list is convincing enough to make you start deadlifting.

#9 – Possibilities Of Doing It Better

There is always a possibility to do is better and improve your core strength. You might reach a plateau while performing other motions like shoulder press, arm curl, etc but there will always be a possibility to lift heavier than before in Deadlift.

#10 – Higher Testosterone Level

It’s scientifically proven, deadlifting plays an important role in spiking your natural testosterone production, which will lead to greater muscle mass and strength. Testosterone hormones are responsible for many things like repairing muscle tissues, gaining muscle tissues, better sex, etc.

#11 – Stronger Lats

Lats are heavily involved while deadlifting, lats play a key role in keeping the barbell close to the body and relieving stress from the spine. Heavy dead lifters are often known for their prominent lats development too. Bob Peoples, who was known for his latissimus dorsi haven’t built those strong lats with the help of lightweight isolation movements only.

#12 – Ripped Core

Deadlift directly targets all major muscle groups responsible for a stronger core and right posture. It helps if strengthening supporting muscles of your core like- waist, back, glutes and lower back. Deadlift has a direct impact on your core muscle, which makes it more feasible for its development.

#13 – Add Thick And Dense Muscle

With the spike in testosterone level and involvement of multiple muscle groups, it creates a wonderful combination for best quality muscle tissues. Plus, deadlifting has proven effective for the production of natural human growth hormones, which promotes your body to efficiently develop thick and dense muscles.

#14 – Improves Your Running

It has a direct impact on your glutes, hamstring and calves muscles, which make it more robust exercise to increase your running capabilities.

#15 – Bigger Biceps

How much you lift while performing biceps curl? And how much you could Deadlift? I know there would be a huge difference in both parameters. While deadlifting 300 pounds, your arms experience immense pressure which ultimately leads to stronger arms.

#16 – Poop Better

Believe it or not, you can actually feel the difference while pooping. Your body will be able to release your body wastes and toxins more efficiently and easily.

#17 – Better Sex Drive

With so many other benefits, this is one of the most priceless benefits of Deadlift. You will be experiencing stronger erection due to stronger core and higher testosterone. With the spike in metabolism, you will be experiencing greater weight loss and better blood flow in your man part.

#18 – Lateral Rise Won’t Built Bigger Delts

Do you really think legendary delts were developed through side rise? Deadlifting will be playing a key role in improving your body capacity to lift heavy and construct bigger delts.

#19 – Look Better

You will be able to increase quality body posture which will ultimately make you better looking. Additionally, Deadlift will help you reduce weight which will be another reason for looking better than before.

#20 – Works Wonder For Short Guys

You have been short in height, that’s due to your genetics. But you can opt for deadlifting to fill that gap, it will help you with better posture to stand taller and stronger.  Also due to deadlifting, no one will be able to bully you for your short height as they used to do before.

#21 – Wonder For Tall Guys Too.

Yeah, I know that you are already tall but is there any issue to look taller and stronger, additionally deadlifting will provide you optimum muscle mass to maintain your proportion of your length and width.

#22 – There Is No Substitute –

There is absolutely no substitute to Deadlift; there is no other exercise that has so much vast impact on human body. Some might think squat is a king of all workouts, but for me, Deadlift is always gonna be the best exercise for all over body strength.

Know how to perform Deadlift

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