21 Vajrasana Benefits, Step By Step Guide and Precautions

What Is Vajrasana?

Vajrasana is derived from Sanskrit word “Vajra” that means diamond or thunderbolt, and “asana” means pose. So vajrasana means a yogic pose that will make your body as strong as diamond. Vajrasana is also known as “Diamond Pose” or “Thunderbolt pose”.

Vajrasana is a magical yogic pose that will help with better digestion and stronger legs. Many breathing yogic exercises like prayanam, anulon vilom, etc are performed in vajrasana.

Major benefits of Vajrasana include improved blood circulation in the pelvic area, better digestive system, reducing stress levels, stronger knees, improved posture, ease bowel movement, and strengthening the immune system.

Are you suffering from constipation, fatigue, mood swings, food intolerance, and obesity? The root cause of these problems might be because of your bad digestive system.

Science Behind Vajrasana

Vajrasana is a meditative pose that needs the practitioner to stay steady, firm, and calm. You might think it as an easy pose but it’s not. At the beginning of practicing this pose, you might feel acute pain and unrest in mind.

Vajrasana helps in developing the willpower and concentration to perform this yogic pose for a long duration of time. Vajrasana helps in regulating the blood flow into the lower pelvic area; sitting on your legs reduces the blood flow towards legs and diverts it towards the digestive region of the body which therefore increases the efficiency of the digestive system.

Vajrasana precautions:

Just like any other exercise, there are few pointers that need to take care of before practicing this yogic pose.

  • People with knee pain should avoid this yogic pose
  • It’s not going to be easy in beginning, try beginning with holding this pose for 2 min only.
  • If you experience intense pain in your ankle then try practicing vajrasana on a soft surface instead of just yoga mate. Massage your ankles gently and try again.
  • If you are suffering from any spine column ailments than this yoga might not be for you.

How To Do Vajrasana:

  1. Kneel down with your lower legs stretched backward with your toes crossing each other.
  2. Lower down your body gently to sit over you’re your heels.
  3. Your buttocks should land on heels and thigh on your calves muscle group.
  4. Keep your spine straight with your chin parallel to the ground and placing your both hands on your lap.
  5. Close your eyes to reduce any distraction and concentrate on your breathing.
  6. Inhalation and exhalation should be performed in the steady and rhythmic way.
  7. Try practicing this posture 5-10 minutes daily in beginning and then try practicing it for 30 minutes daily.

Beginner’s Tips

Beginners should pay extra attention to the right posture. If you feel stinging pains underneath your ankle then try to hold for only 2 minutes, after taking rest try again. Massage your ankles, calves gently. Practice vajrasana 2-3 times in the beginning.

21 Benefits Of Vajrasana

1# Helps in better blood circulation towards your pelvic area and digestive system.

2# Better digestive system: Sitting on your legs reduces the blood flow towards legs and diverts it towards the digestive region of the body which therefore increases the efficiency of the digestive system.

3# Improved absorption of nutrients: The better the digestion of your body, the better will be your absorption of food, and you get your daily nutrients from your food. Right?

4# Healthy weight loss: With healthy digestion and proper absorption of nutrients you are boosting your metabolic rate; metabolic rate is the calorie your body is burning every hour. Increase in body metabolism leads to weight loss.

5# Relieves stress: like any other yogic pose, vajrasana also include rhythmic breathing pattern which helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

6# Detoxification: You are ultimately detoxifying your body through healthy excretion and getting rid of any toxins which lead to healthier you.

7# Increased energy and stamina: Vajrasana helps in lowering stress and anxiety levels, which lead to happy mood and higher testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels affect your energy levels and help in strengthening bone joints.

8# Better bowl movement: Through better blood flow and maintaining healthy digestion you are promoting healthy movement of stool, this lead to healthy and efficient defecation.

9# Relieves mood swings: Major reasons behind mood swings are stress and depression. This yoga helps in two ways to relieve depression, through healthy digestion it makes your Gastrointestinal track healthy which sends the feel happy hormone. And rhythmic breathing also helps in curing stress and anxiety.

10# Better posture: Stronger back leads to better posture, while in vajrasana you practice your back to be straight, broad shoulders and head up. The continuous practice of this yoga will lead to better posture.

11# Goes great with meditation: You can achieve the benefits of yoga and meditation at the same time. While practicing vajrasana you can practice meditation as well since it is an upright pose.

12# Supports flexibility and body toning: Like any other yogic activity, vajrasana includes stretching your muscles and joints. This yogic pose helps in stretching ankle, thigh, knees and hips.

13# Glowing skin: Your skin reflects your digestion, the one with bed digestion often observed to have multiple skin diseases, excreting all the toxins efficiently from the body will help in achieving glowing smooth skin.

14# Strengthen spine: Regular practice of vajrasana has a proven effect of the spine, those who practiced this yoga for a 2-3 month regularly are observed to have a stronger spine and it also aided in eliminating other lower back problems.

15# Curing sciatica: Vajrasana not just helps in strengthening your spine but also helps in curing sciatica, sciatica occurs when the herniated material from ruptured spinal disc press upon the delicate nerve root emerging from the spinal cord.

16# Purifying blood: Your kidneys and liver will function better as a result of better digestion.

17# Curing sexual disorders: Perform vajrasana for sexual diseases as well; it treats your sexual disorder through fighting if from two fronts. Firstly it improves the blood flow towards your abdominal area which helps in better erection and secondly it helps in reduces stress which improves the testosterone level and increased libido.

18# Improved immune system: 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system, and maintaining healthy digestion results in the improved immune system.

19# Better digestion cures ulcer, acidity, and gastric problems

20# Bad breath and bad odor: If you are suffering from bad breath and odor problems then you should definitely incorporate this yoga into your daily routine. It will help in eliminating all the toxins from the body which will lead to good breath and lesser skin problems.

21# Arthritis: A digestive issue leads to systems inflammation and inflammation lead to joint pain. Through the healthy digestive system, your body will be able to absorb nutrients in an efficient way.

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