19 Steps: To Transform Into An Alpha Male.


So, unfortunately, you have figured out that you are not an alpha male, but fortunately, you are willing to work hard to be the one.

Hard work may beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard, this simple mantra can be priceless for those who can harness the discipline in life. Your hard work is going to define what your future is going to be if you are willing to live like as ordinary than this article might not be for you, you are reading this article because you want to overcome your disabilities that are hindering you to be an alpha male.

Most of the legendary alpha males were born and they got their talent by birth, but if you are committed to being an alpha then no one can stop you!

Before we get into a detail of how to be an alpha male we need you to figure out why you want to be an alpha male? Just because girls love them, they get all respect, attention, and hottest girl? People have different priorities and you need to define your’s, your real motive to be an alpha? Now let’s discuss step by step procedure of attaining a personality of an Alpha Male


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Stay real

The first step to being an alpha male is to stop fooling yourself! Don’t try to copy or portrait anyone else’s behavior; instead, work on your own unique behavior. Alpha males are being respected everywhere because they never try to fake themselves, they show what they are and that’s what they are respected for.

Dress well

We have been learning this from childhood “first impression is the last impression” but still, most of us don’t even bother about our dressing, we have a bad habit of dressing well just for special occasions. Why not every day?

Yeah, you might list few alpha males who were not very prone to good dressing and used to live with an absolute decency, but let me remind you that they are an alpha by nature and you are the one who is willing to. You need to take a leading edge, opt to stay well dressed most of the time.

Always wear good perfume

Believe it or not but it’s good to stay confident, studies suggest: People who smell good behaves more confidently and looks more attractive, even if other people can’t smell their cologne or perfume.

Being confident is one of the most important aspects of being an alpha male; they make half of the work done through their confidence and take control over situation easily. So remember to smell good to look attractive and confident.

Show your anger

I can say this was particularly my case; I was always a very shy and humble boy since childhood but that made me suffer a lot of difficulties due to bullies. Becoming an aggressive and prominent male became a necessity for me. So I decided to show my louder side, I started to mark my denial towards their actions and eventually, they left me with my own world.

You must have heard of the Darvin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” and sometimes you have to prove your aggressive side for the sake of survival and people’s respect.

Don’t be afraid to fail

quotation-marks-left - CopyMistakes are proof that you are trying

There is no one in this world who never failed, everyone fails. But what matters most is whether you have the strength to get up and fight again? This is a most admirable trait of every alpha male, they are never afraid to make decisions and take risks. They believe in showing their warrior spirit to the world because people are afraid of the man who never give up.

Self sufficient

Being self-sufficient means you have guts to say no! Relying on others creates a sense of insecurities and dependency. Say ‘No’ to dependency on others and go the extra mile to make yourself sufficient.

Do what you are good at

Best idea to establish yourself as an alpha male is starting doing what you are good at. Trying to do 10 different things will leave you inefficient and incompetent.

quotation-marks-left - CopyI fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kick once, but I am fear a man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”- Bruce Lee

Similarly chasing to achieve everything will leave you with nothing, practice what you are good at and what you can do best.

Body language

60% of the communication is done through your body, 30% through your tone of speech and 10% of the whole communication depends on what you actually said.

We have been using body language much before we discovered languages. Body language is a primary source of communication and you must be having very good command over your body language if you are aspiring to be an alpha male.

Learn – How to have a body language of an Alpha

Let’s get adventurous

Life is more about action; an alpha is not a guy who hides behind a computer all day long, doing a 9-5 job and repeating that boring routine. Instead, they love to experience new things, places, and people.
Now it’s high time to explore your wild side, plan some road trips or anything that fears you.

Self respect

Respect yourself, man, if you can’t respect yourself then no one is going to be. The world sees what you exhibit them; it’s time to hold your head high against all odds.


Helping those in need isn’t just another quality, instead, it’s a habit. A true man is always seen to have a habit of helping others, that’s how they created a revolution. Take an example of any true leader, the first thing that comes to mind is there helping nature.

Stand for someone when they really need you and when it’s inconvenient for you. Everyone helps within your convenience or comfort zone, but true leaders are ready to go extra mile for the other’s welfare. That’s how alpha male inspires others.


quotation-marks-left - CopyPeople don’t always need an advice; sometimes all they want is a hand to hold, ears to listen and heart to understand.

God has given you two ears and one mouth so that you listen more than you speak. In order to become a leader most of the people confuse themselves by speaking lot more than required, an alpha male always prefers to speak in limited measure.

You can’t be a good leader until you listen to them closely and understand them.

Learn- watch others

Confidence is not god gifted, it’s truly earned. Most of the admirers of the alpha male have never seen them in the hustle, but the truth is they were earning every single minute. You can’t master everything, it’s better to put your ego aside and watch how others are doing it right.

Some flirting lessons

Flirting doesn’t necessarily mean, treating opposite sex with lusty intention. It’s an art of being innocently overfriendly with opposite sex.

Alpha male is always portrayed as an intense character but they know how to tackle girls differently. When most of us get nervous with girls they appear to be a true leader once again. There cocky and playful behavior helps them to deal with women in a better possible way.

You better learn few flirting lessons right away, start with practicing with everyone. One thing you need to note here is “Flirting is not about fake complements”, flirting is an art of giving sincere compliments. Every girl has its own beauty, all you need to do is discover it and let her know about it.
Tips to flirt-

  • Stay confident
  • Start with a smile
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Start it when you are alone
  • Complement
  • Talk smartly
  • Keep it light and funny
  • Practice more
  • Make it your natural behavior

General awareness

The most common trait of an1 alpha male is their outstanding communication skills, but to be a great communicator you will need to have vast knowledge too.

The leader speaks because they have something to speak, and a fool speaks because they have to speak something. Don’t be a fool, stay up-to-date with current affairs.

Hit gym

Turn down the pages of history and you will be able to find many alpha males who never had a great physique, but you are the one who is trying to be an alpha.

Hitting gym won’t be making you an alpha male but it will definitely help you to be a one. Being a leader always consists of hustling all day. You will need to be physically fit and appear in best posture to deal with every situation.


quotation-marks-left - CopyHonesty is better than sugar-coated bullshit

In order to attain respect from society, you don’t just need to help people with their stuff but you need to win their trust too. Tell a lie once and all your truth become questionable.

Work on communication skills

‘Great Leader but bad Orator’ – said no one.

You might have brilliant ideas but if you are not able to communicate them properly then they are of no meaning. True leaders are known for their communication and ability to make things done. How will you be able to glitter your communication skills? Major area where you need to work on-

  • Posture
  • Listen
  • Eye-contact
  • Nodding your head while listening
  • Body language
  • Humor
  • Smile

Don’t run from responsibilities

I don’t think you need any further explanation. Alpha male is known for standing tall against any complication or trouble, alpha male isn’t afraid to fail, they are humble, responsible, fearful, self-sufficient, confident and real. Once you attain all these capabilities, you will automatically transform yourself into a Real Man.


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