13 Hacks To Transform Your Body


We have been discussing about being an Alpha throughout our blog but most of our readers yet not confirmed about how to start their journey from being Beta male to Alpha male.

From my point of view, first hurdle that you need to cross in order to gain more self-respect and confidence is the way you look, and you need to start thinking about transforming your body to achieve new limits.

You surely have seen people working really very hard to transform their body. To transform your body, it is very important for you to know that it is not really an easy task. Well if it was, you would not be looking up searching Google for results ‘how to transform my body’ or ‘how to be from skinny to muscular or fat to muscular’ or even just ‘how to have a fit body’.

It surely is a difficult and a time-consuming thing to do. However, if you really do wish to transform your body, we have some really good advice for you. We have all the fit body secrets which will help you get your body from skinny to muscular or from fat to muscular.Most of these pointers are missed out on by many for aspirants who are trying to transform their body.

Patience is a key to success and that’s a quality we ignore most. We never gained that fat in a short span of time, you never got fat within 1-2 month, it took years of ‘not so healthy’ eating and lifestyle to gain that body fat, and then why do we expect changes to appear within 2-3 month? We have quite some amazing pointers with a combination of things you are supposed to do and what diet will help you get the fit body which you have been trying to get for a while now.

So here we go:

#1 Know what do you want exactly:

It takes 13 hours to build a Toyota but 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce. Knowing what you actually want will be the first step towards getting it.

We are sure there are people who are just starting up their routine to transform your body and are probably lost somewhere in the middle. All you have to do is to know what you really want.

Next step is to find a mentor to achieve that transformation. There have been a number of options available once you choose what you want to be.

Find someone to have a personal training or opt for online courses which are available in great number these days. You got to find the perfect path once you decide your destination. Your mentor is the one who will be capable of estimating the work and time required to reach your fitness destination.

#2 Inspire yourself:

Sometimes when dedication fails, and you feel that maybe you should give up, inspiring yourself can be a great deal breaker.

Body transformation is not going to be an easy thing, although it looks so easy when we check those Instagram fitness models. Most of us aren’t even aware of the dedication those models put in to get that word class atheistic body.

It orders to keep going, it’s important to inspire yourself. What is the best way to inspire yourself? Here is a list:

  • Decide what you want
  • Keep journal
  • Take weekly transformation picture
  • Tell your friends
  • Join fitness communities on social media
  • Have a deadline
  • Give yourself a treat after every considerable transformation

#3 Green tea over your daily coffee:

If you are a caffeine addict and you are the kind who needs his coffee daily, then this is going to be a tough task for you for sure. To transform your body there are certain eating or drinking habits that you will have to change. Switching from coffee to green tea can help you get the fit body which you are aiming for.

Green tea helps you detox your body which means that it plays one of the major roles to get the fit body. If you may ask why it is mainly because it has much more healthy nutrients and antioxidants which have really powerful effects on your body. This can help you will help you with fat loss and also can help you improve your physical presentation. Not only will green tea wake you up but it will as well make you feel fresh and lively, unlike coffee. Hence if you wish to transform your body it is always suggested to start with this change.

#4 Fruits over fruit juices:

Now to a lot of people, this may not look like a difference. I mean c’mon, fruit is the whole form of its own and juice is the liquid form. However, to our surprise too, if you wish to transform your body or even just have a fit body, it is important that you understand that eating the fruit will give you more nutrients than having it in the juice form.

The reason why they say so is because when you make a juice of a certain fruit, we give out most of the nutrients and fiber that actually give us the fit body we want as a complete waste. When we eat fruits, we eat the fruit as whole with everything present in it. Hence to transform your body it is important that you switch from fruit juices to whole fruits.

#5 Perseverance:

Apart from the food changes that you will need to have in your life, this is something that has to be there till you get your goal achieved. And no kidding there, this is something that will make you do all of the workouts and be loyal to transform your body and have a fit body.

Perseverance isn’t just going to help in achieving great body transformation but it is also an essential element of living a happy life, Perseverance will help you achieve success. Whether it’s your office work or business startup.

At every stage in life, Make sure you are dedicated all throughout the process of to transform your body and lifestyle.

#6 Patience:

Have Patience, everything seems difficult before they become easy.

As and how you are inspiring yourself and are dedicated make sure you convince yourself that being patience is as well one of the most important keys to success.

Which means that when you are trying to transform your body or trying to go from skinny to muscular or fat to muscular, it is important that you are patient enough to get the goal body which have you been waiting to acquire. If you are the kind of person who loses patience quickly, it is important that from day one as and when you start working on to transform your body, you as well start working on your patience. If you wish to see the real change, this will surely help you.

#7 Know your Cardio

Most of the people aren’t aware of the effect of traditional cardio on their body. “Running” is a first thing that pop-up’s in our mind when we hear cardio, isn’t that true.

But running isn’t that healthy as it is advertised. Long running will ultimately lead to muscle loss from body which eventually leads to lower metabolism.

The more muscle your body have, the easier it would be to lose weight faster. A body needs a lot of energy to maintain those muscles which lead to higher rate of metabolism and fat loss. So which kind of cardio would be preferable to increase body stamina + maintain muscle mass? Opt for sprinting, cycling, boxing, kickboxing, etc.

#8 Challenge yourself:

If you want something you never had, you have got to do things that you have never done.

A straight road with no turns or no potholes is no fun. Challenging yourself can help you be inspired and dedicated to transforming your body or to even just have a fit body.

People who constantly challenge themselves tend to have better self-esteem and motivation. Life is all about moving towards betterment and constant self-development.

Challenging yourself can be a great deal and you should definitely add it to your ‘list of things to do to transform your body’. Yes, failure will be a part of your whole transition but guess what? When you will see the actual result of these challenges, from the patience and dedication you have had, you will be amazed how much of real help can these things be. Every small advice matters in such cases and it is important that you cover all of these aspects when you are in the process to transform your body.

#9 Follow the diet:

In order to achieve scalable body transformation, you need to keep eye on that you take in your body.

As mentioned before, what you eat really matters for to transform your body. And hence it is okay to have cheat days but make sure that you are eating right. Following your diet is essential because the diet includes a lot of vitamins and proteins that you need which will help you get that fit body.

Do not skip on the diet. And yes accordingly it is also important that you have cheat days. Let it be for skinny to muscular or fat to muscular, following the diet will help you have the right fit body exactly or almost how you want it to be.

#10 Start with slow changes:

Yes, we understand that you are pissed off with your current body structure and synergy. And you want to bring the change as soon as possible but watchout.

In order to get great transformation people tries to make a sudden chance in their daily routine, which ultimately leads to failure.

Sudden change in your diet and fitness routine can be your body transformation killer.

Your body is incapable of doing those regressive exercises and in order to see good changes you need to calm down and focus on gradually increasing your body’s stamina and capability.

Same goes with diet. After years of unhealthy food intake now you are ready for body transformation and changed your whole diet plan. Sudden change in diet plan will lead to extreme food craving and digestion problems too. Remember slow and steady wins. Bring some gradual changed to your fitness regime and you will be able to see great results.

#11 Do not forget water and your fluids:

By now you should know that your exercises are not everything. Eating right and having the right fluids, especially water is very important.

Benefits of great water intake:

  • Helps you star dehydrated
  • Helps in flushing body toxins
  • Reduce post workout fatigue
  • Helps metabolize fat
  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Helps your supplements work better

#12 Relying ONLY on supplements is a big NO:

One of the thing that worries us the most is that a lot of people who are trying to have a fit body constantly only rely on supplements. But make sure that you have limited your use and you are not going overboard with it. depending on supplements can be a big risk sometimes. Not only that but you also have to consult your instructor or know exactly if these supplements are good enough for you or not and how much are you supposed to take them. To transform your body, they might be important at a certain point of time in life but do not completely depend on them. Instead concentrate more on eating right first and then go for the supplements.

#13 Do not blindly follow:

This is supposed to be a completely no no for you. Nothing can be as bad as blindly following the things that you have probably seen online or just gone through once. To transform your body to the one you dream of it to be, it is important that you realize that every human body is different. And according to the body, the requirements for nutrients and proteins and everything is different. And hence blindly following a routine or schedule to work out or eat can be really dangerous because for people who are trying to go from skinny to muscular you will just lose more weight or for people who are trying to go from fat to muscular you will just put on more weight. Always understand how everything from food to exercises works and then you will be able to get the fit body you dream to have.

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